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Radio and Free Sailing – Covid-19 Update – 14th June 2020

The recent, and continuing, easing of covid-19 restrictions has led many of us to ask the question;

“When can we go sailing again?”

This question has also been asked of the MYA Officers and representatives with members looking for some guidance or authority to sail again.

Unfortunately, whilst the MYA can control the dates at which the MYA sanctioned racing events can re-start, (MYA National, Rankings and District events) it has neither the power nor the will to tell each club when it can go sailing again.

This is something that must be led by each individual club, following government advice and guidelines and in collaboration with their landowners or local authorities. Note: Guidance may vary between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, so check your local guidance.

With government guidance changing quickly at this time it is important that each club is aware of the current advice and regulations and has preparations put in place to allow their members to return in a safe and considerate manner where guidance allows.

How can the MYA help us?

Through our affiliation to the RYA we have access to their resource and wealth of knowledge and expertise, much of which is relevant to all of our clubs, in particular the RYA’s “Return to Boating” section on their website.

From the RYA website you can download:

  • Posters and notices for your clubs and grounds.
  • Club Guidance documents (includes examples of risk assessments).
  • Updated advice in line with government advice.

There is also a comprehensive Covid-19 section on the RYA website:

If there are questions that relate to your club specifically which are not covered by the RYA website information the MYA has access to the RYA departments and can ask questions on your behalf.

The MYA website also has the latest MYA updates regarding any restarting of racing:

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your club representative, district councillor or any member of the MYA council.

Stay Safe

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