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Footy Class

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Status of Class: Affiliated

These great, fun to sail, light and incredibly manoeuvrable boats are ideal for those wishing to explore yacht design at a limited cost or just starting out and want to try their hand at building. Their small size allows you to radio sail almost anywhere.

They are very easy to store and transport meaning the whole family can play together on the water. Plans for the very latest competitive designs available for free download via the class dedicated website. A simple build of a ‘free sailing’ version can be built for less than £10.

  • Footy Class Events here
  • Contact the Footy Class Captain here
  • Footy Class website here
  • Footy Class GBR website here
  • Contact the Footy Class Registrar here
  • Footy Class Rules here
  • Footy Boats For Sale or Wanted here
  • Please visit our Knowledgebase or Q&A for more help

If you have concerns or questions about this class please contact the MYA Technical Officer here

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