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International One Metre (IOM)

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Status of Class: Adopted
Administrative Body: IOMICA

Since its inception in the late 1980’s the International One Metre (IOM) has become the most popular class in the UK.

Sailed at most clubs on a regular basis it is now the class that creates the largest fleets, with regular fleets of 30 boats at district level and a maximum entry at most international events. The class rules for the International Classes are governed by the International Radio Sailing Association (IRSA) and IOM ICA.

  • IOM GBR Events here
  • IOM International Events here
  • IOM Class website (IOM ICA) here
  • IOM GBR website here
  • IOM Class Rules here
  • IOM Class Measurement Procedure here
  • IOM Class Measurement Forms here
  • IOM Boats For Sale or Wanted here
  • Please visit our Knowledgebase or Q&A for more help
  • You will find further Q&A relating to the IOM Class here
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