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MYA Council Chat

April 2024 Council Meeting Update and Reports

In the January meeting we broadly agreed that our objectives for 2024 would be: Communication, Participation and Skills Development So far, we have increased communication through our website from the council, well done and thank you to all council members…


MYA Club Affiliation Guidance Updated

The MYA has recently updated the club affiliation guidance document to further clarify the scope of the insurance offered to MYA members and how this impacts on clubs. For existing MYA clubs it is recommended that you read this and…


MYA Council Meeting 2nd April 2024

Dear MYA Members In line with the MYA Constitution, I would like to announce that a Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday 2nd April 2024. If you have any item you wish to bring to the attention of Council,…

2000 members by 1st March!

2000 members by 1st March!

Thank you to all of our members who continue to support the MYA, and welcome to those who have recently joined, 2000 members by the 1st of March is a fantastic number and shows the popularity of our sport, and…

MYA Council Chat

MYA Council News, January 2024

It was great to see officers and representatives from around the country at the January Council meeting in Birmingham, and although traditionally quieter on the water this meeting is always busy with items that are raised at the AGM and…

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