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The MYA has a proud history of producing some of the very best skippers in the World over a long period of time.

This has been achieved through the implementation of the MYA ranking system which allows and encourages the top skippers from the UK to compete against each other throughout the year. The format for each class is the same, although the number of qualifying events can vary.

A ranking system consists of a rolling series of events, the position of each skipper within the list at a period of 30 weeks prior to a European or World Championship determines those who will be selected by the MYA to represent GBR at these events.

The quality and competition at these ranking events has created a GBR selection process that has led to consistent success at International level.

It currently only applies to classes governed by  IRSA/ World Sailing.

IOM Ranking

Marblehead Ranking

For more information on the MYA Ranking Regulations click here

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