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About the MYA

The Model Yachting Association (MYA) was formed in 1911 as the Model Yacht Racing Association, changing its name to the present title in 1923.

The MYA is an association of clubs whose members can join the MYA to enjoy all the benefits that membership provides.

The Model Yachting Association (MYA) is the representative body for Radio and Free sailing in the UK and has been delegated responsibility for the administration of Radio & Free Sailing within the UK. We are affiliated to, and recognised by, the Royal Yachting Association and the International Radio Sailing Association (IRSA) providing direct links to World Sailing and enabling us to have influence on the rules governing our sport.

The MYA is managed by a Council comprising of directly elected officers and a councillor from each of the six districts that cover the UK. Our Council contacts are listed Here. Our District websites are available Here

The MYA act as the National Class Association for the International classes and have recently appointed Class Captains and Class Owners Groups who along with their class enthusiasts will aid the MYA in growing the sport. (web links here?)

The MYA manage several National classes by providing class rules and the framework within which the classes can develop, here again we have some Class Owners Groups who have significant influence on the development of their class including a virtually self sufficient Free Sailing group who protect, race and teach the skills from which our sport has developed. (web link here?)

The MYA provides a racing system for everyone from club skippers to world champions and through our annual racing calendar, we provide a nationwide programme of events for all classes and skill levels which have repeatedly over the decades assisted our skippers to be at the very front of international competition.

The MYA annual yearbook goes to all MYA members early in the New Year and contains calendar, articles, district and class information, equipment suppliers and much more.

The MYA website is updated daily with the latest news, upcoming events, and race results. Here

The Knowledge Base includes much archived material on all matters relating to Radio and Free Sailing plus, of course, all the contact details for whatever you need. Here

MYA Centenary

History of the MYA

The MYA has a long and rich history in administering and developing the sport in this country.

It was founded at a meeting held in London on the 18th February 1911 and was originally called The Model Yacht Racing Association. It subsequently became the Model Yachting Association in 1923.

The Association celebrated its Centenary in 2011 by hosting the IOM World Championships at West Kirby (website HERE) which included a visit by HRH the Duke of Edinburgh during the event.

Duke of Edinburgh Attends West Kirby

During its 100 year history it has seen a lot of changes in model yachting, but what was true in 1911 and is still true now is that if you get a group of skippers together they will eventually want to prove who has the fastest boat. The MYA has been at the forefront of creating the structure for this to happen.

Throughout its history the MYA has been one of the leading bodies in the world in the development and promotion of model yacht building and racing.


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