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    • Another titbit of information about the above Marblehead, which might jog someones memory.  It's believed it was built by a person named L. Dalton in 1975.  
    • Hi again Trevor, Your technique for applying tow works. I wind a couple of turns to achieve a single layer of flattened tow. No need to cyano the free end, just cyano the start, wet out, wind on and tape over with electrical tape.  The woven sleeve is cleaner, simpler and less bulky where a run of reinforcement is necessary; say 10-20mm or more.  Bulk may impact on the sail to mast clearance unless very careful. Sleeves are 1mm wall and this is very easily exceeded with tow.  Sorry if this sounds repetitive, but there is no need to over wind tows. A single thickness winding is sufficient. Also adds weight. I peel ply to remove excess epoxy, but this is a bit paranoid ! Sounds like you have a serious amount of splitting and I possibly see why you would want to wind on with a lathe.  You must have a "proper" workshop.  Richard
    • Thank you for the input here. It's much appreciated, good info to improve my sailing and good nuggets for everyone. Cheers Rohan
    • Thanks Richard.  I have ordered unidirectional tubes (epoxy bound) so I can use them for both replacing and sleeving (internal) but think I might use them so quickly I need both sorts! I also got tow and tape for local reinforcement as you say around the backstay.  I am wondering about a technique for applying tow by attaching the end to the tube with a spot of cyano, winding around a wetted tube, holding down with another spot of cyano before wetting out and taping.  Some winding might be done on my lathe. When I say injecting epoxy I just mean opening up the splits and wiping resin in and letting it cure as with three or four splits it may be difficult to hold the tube round while winding. Cheers Trevor
    • A friend of mine is currently restoring a Stan Witty Windwing 10 rater which is approaching completion in our workshop.  His next project may be a hull he bought on the Wirral, via Ebay  about 5 years ago.  I believe it's probably a Marblehead, as it's 50 inches long but it's unusual in that it has a 15 inch beam.  Construction is longitudinal internal planks and diagonal external ones.  It looks as though it once had an internal handle but it has been cut off.  The deck opening has been extended but now significantly overlaps where the mast step appeared to be.  As a design I would guess it dates from around 1970.  We did try to identify it through the VMYG when it was first acquired, but without success, apart from one member who thought there may have been a very wide beam design by D A Macdonald, but we have been unable to trace that.  If anyone has any suggestions we would be interested to hear them.
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