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MYA Clubs

The clubs benefit from membership of the MYA as follows:-

  • Being part of a national body that governs and regulates model yacht sailing.
  • Having the support through its membership of the Association and of the RYA in the event of any disputes locally.
  • Public liability insurance cover for its affiliated members.
  • National publicity and attendance at exhibitions in order to promote the sport.
  • Technical and rules advice.
  • Organisation of and running of national and international events for the benefit of the club members.
  • Access to the MYA web site which contains a wealth of knowledge to assist clubs in race management, legal obligations etc.

MYA Members

An individual who is a member through a club receives the following benefits:-

  • Eligibility to enter National and International sailing events.
  • Public liability insurance cover.
  • Personal copy of the MYA Year Book which contains contact details of all member clubs and extensive listing of national and club racing events throughout the year.
  • Individual access to our members area where contact details are available for all MYA officers, MYA council and AGM documents and MYA member and Club lists.
  • Ability to update personal details directly on the members area.
  • All new members receive a Welcome to the MYA booklet providing useful information for newcomers.
  • Access to recognised technical officers to help with registration and official measurement of boats within the classes.
  • Access to our Forums and ability to create for sale ads in the classifieds section.
  • Electronic Newsletters.
  • MYA Handbook (available in the knowledgebase).
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