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  1. Hi Does anybody have any photos of a single ended winch line system on a Quark or similar? Like the one suggested on the Sailsetc website (https://www.sailsetc2.com/index.php/sheet-tube.html) Main drive line on winch with an elastic return in a tube under the foredeck.
  2. Hi Chris Thanks I’ve sorted it via PJ and BG. Thanks
  3. Graham, absolutely!! I’ve got a Scurry I just need to get my sh#t together and come race it.
  4. Just had a good watch of the RG65 nationals videos posted on YouTube. Is there a reason courses for small classes such as the RG65 having courses set with the windward mark way way off into the distance? I feel it just becomes an eyesight test both for the skippers and observers. Lots of tacking to avoid boats they would never have impeded. This is not a slight on the PRO and his/her team btw, just a discussion point. Surely it’s better to have smaller courses with more opportunity for place changes, and therefore more races? I know it’s different for the larger classes who need long courses to stretch their legs.
  5. Hi Mick, Im just finishing off the rigs to get it ready for new owner. Hopefully have pics up in a few days. Will come with a RMG 280es that has just had a service and new motor.
  6. I have these as my numbers for the Marblehead (km/hr measured 1m off the water) A 0-15 B1 12-20 C1 18-30 C2 25-35 C3 30-40 B2 35-45
  7. Dave Kent

    Spartan #1736

    For Sale Spartan #1736 “Sparkle” Beautifully built in Italy in wood by William Mattzotti. 4 rigs. Brand new jibs on 1-3. Has been re-rigged and sorted out. Ready for the season. £650 ONO Boat is in Plymouth, but often travel to events.
  8. Hi, I’ve adjusted the form. Thank you!
  9. Hi all, If you would like to join the class mailing list, and haven’t already done so please send an email to: lullaby.felt-0c@icloud.com I’ve written a short questionnaire and it would be useful for the class if you can fill it in. If you haven’t already received an email from me and you own or want to own a 36 please follow the link below: https://forms.gle/ixH6meMxMrGEUEWr8
  10. Have a look here… http://www.onemetre.net/Build/Countrwt/CountrWt.htm
  11. Does anybody know where I can source a fitting like this that allows you to add/remove the jib wire on a IOM boom, could do with one for 10mm super light boom and 11mm boom.
  12. Just to highlight the risk of leaving rigs in plastic bags.. I had to strip the bearings from all 5 of my M conventional rigs as most of them are rusted solid! £8+ each to replace!! They are now hanging properly
  13. Likely Dacron patch material!
  14. Dave Kent


    Hi all Looking forward to 2022, I’m hoping we can get at least 3 events in the calendar. Midland District Champs @ Bourneville Met/Southern District Champs National Champs @ Bourneville Drag out your 36 over the winter, dust it off and get it back on the water! Any Radio 36s left in the Northern District?
  15. Dave Kent

    Ravenna rudder

    There is a rudder mould for the Rococo with the class association moulds, wherever they are. Sailsetc could also supply you something.
  16. Wanted: Sailsetc Large (100mm) wheel for arm/sail servo
  17. I’ve sent you a message Riv.
  18. Wanted: K Bits modified Hitec 7980TH arm winch & carbon arm or KBits carbon arm on its own.
  19. Hi all, For interest...
  20. I guess the issue is changing battery during a race series. It’s a big patch to replace every time. You can always pull the servo patch at the end of the day.
  21. I’d be tempted to get a recessed pot plate made up by Sailsetc to solve your problem. https://www.sailsetc2.com/index.php/products-a-spotlight/screw-top-pot.html Check image 7/7 on the above link, retro fitted to a widget.
  22. Hi Trevor maybe you could retro fit a pot with glass surround? I presume winch is forward of the mast? Or cut a new hole? Would be useful to see a photo of your boat to suggest a solution. example of a cockatoo with pot below...
  23. Worth contact GB see what he has lying around. I recently got a M/10R top suit from him for a reasonable price.
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