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  1. Hi Larry that would help a lot. If you let me know an address I could pick it up next week. Lighthouseinspector@gmail.com Andy.
  2. Hi Larry Yes but I would like to use my boat whilst the winch has gone to the winch god for the laying on of hands.
  3. Hi has anyone a RMG 280se sail winch, maybe a working spare laying in the draw that I could buy? Mine is working but noisy.
  4. Tidy looking boat, hope she goes well for you.
  5. Frayz Hi fairly new as well, the hulls are just so varied. This is my Obsession.
  6. Well answered by Bill Green, just got to strip it out now to send off, knackered motor.
  7. Hi I have a RMG 280ES sail winch on my IOM. It sounds really noisy, especially on a quiet pond! Any lubrication that I should be doing?
  8. Andy Johnson


    Hi anyone out there sailing a Craig Smith Obsession? Are you still on the original battery packs, if not are they obtainable or do I have to re build them. They are such a neat fit I would like to stay with them.
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