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  2. Victoria Deep Carbon Fin and lead. £48.00 including delivery Contact Graham Reeves on 07799416274 or graham@reevesmail.co.uk
  3. Victoria deep carbon fin and lead Turns the Victoria into a racing sail boat £48.00 Contact Graham Reeves on 07799416274 or graham@reevesmail.co.uk
  4. Hi Everyone, This has worked for me previously when I bought a boat and perhaps it is something we as an organisation can build upon in the future. I have sold a DF65 to a guy who is a member of Birkenhead SC. I have found that getting a courier at a reasonable price is now quite difficult and expensive, especially if your parcel is over 1 metre in length. So if anyone from a south coast club is attending a national meeting where someone is also competing from Birkenhead perhaps I could meet you somewhere near Winchester and transport it for me. The boat is in a box? Thanks in anticipation. Michael Tel 07599 838955
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  6. 1948 10 Rater, fully restored. Fitted with Braine steering and radio control sail winch and rudder servo One set of varnished terylene sails Asking price £850.00 For more information contact Graham Reeves at graham@reevesmail.co.uk or call on 07799416274
  7. Futaba T6J transmitter and receiver excellent condition complete with manual £70.00 Two Futaba receivers R2006GS S-FHSS £25.00 each Email Graham Reeves at graham@reevesmail.co.uk or call on 07799416274
  8. (Fleetwood Club sailing abroad) It has been a 3 year long wait but this week I finally tested my prototype US1m 'Pringle', against others here at Wickham Park, Florida. The Space Coast club members here have all made me feel welcome. Due to the temperature of nearly 90 degrees we could only sail for part of the morning. In the small fleet of 6 boats I managed 2nd place overall, but that was enough evidence to determine that I have a competitive design and a project worth pursuing. Moving forward, I will now compete in the class championships with my 3D printed prototype at Long Beach, California in August. Hopefully in 2023, we will finalise the hull shape and build the carbon version of 'Pringle'. I want to thank the guys of the Space Coast Model Sailing club for their warm welcome. Its been great fun and I look forward to my next visit sometime soon.
  9. For sale a highly regarded IOM Lintel in very good condition ( refer to photos) built by Dave Creed GBR3165 with 3 rigs from BG(2021) and Sailsetc in a wooden rig box,Hitec rudder servo, RMG winch and transmitter. Ready to sail. £750 ono Collect near Edinburgh
  10. Pictures sent by e mail to dayi
  11. Hello do you still have this for sale? Stephen
  12. Sorry, it's just been sold...
  13. Good evening. Any damages or scratches which aren’t visible on the photos? Anything else that I would need to know? Is the boat dry? Could we agree on 500£ but needs to be shipped to Germany/ Hamburg.
  14. John reminds us that there are further grounds for redress given in RRS E6.6 (radio interference, being disabled). Interestingly, there is also a ground for redress given in HMS 1.8, which is that a boat may be given a changed finishing place in addition to a changed score for an incident on the last leg.
  15. Both L and W receive a BFD penalty. My reading of the RRS suggests that L can protest W. Because W was obliged to immediately leave the racing area, taking a penalty turn was not an option. If L is sufficiently aggrieved, she can bring a protest and it would be up to the protest committee to decide if indeed W broke a rule. However, W already has a BFD. The protest committee could impose a DSQ, and the only significance of a DSQ as compared to a BFD is that it lies one position lower in the division of the fleet for the next heat under HMS.. I do not think L can request redress under RRS 62. The list of grounds for redress are given in 62.1, and 62.1(d), the only likely possibility, applies only if the boat at fault was penalised under RRS 2 and not under any other rule, such as RRS 11 which makes W the give-way boat.
  16. Just my opinion. I think the correct penalty for W and for L is BFD. I don't see any grounds for a PC to reverse the BFD for the leeward boat. There may be a case for a boat that was forced over early by another boat that was breaking a rule, but in this example L was ROW. Even if a PC found some grounds to change the decision for L (who would still have to comeback and restart or she is OCS and has not sailed the course), there are a list of grounds for redress, and non seem to apply here. If two boats are just rafted together, they are not entangled as they can sail apart just by the actions of wind, water, sails and rudder ( a parallel example is a dinghy that has tipped over and may self-right - she is not considered disabled). John
  17. I am selling my Maiden design IOM built by Damian Ackroyd in 2020. The boat is in excellent condition. She comes with the A number 1 rig only, RMG winch, on/off switch and rudder servo. The design is optimised for inland, lighter airs and the Sailsetc suit have the flatter cut to suit these conditions. Comes complete with stand but no Tx or Rx. £750 secures. Contact Clive on crecooper@icloud.com. Collection only West Sussex near Billingshurst
  18. Two boats hovering below the start line on a Black Flag start Windward boat (W) drifts down onto Leeward boat (L) and contact made L shouts protest The two boats remain in contact but sail slowly across the line whilst still in contact before the start signal RO callls both L and W OCS Can L still protest W and if successful can the Protest Committee over turn the DSQ and award redress or does the DSQ stand?
  19. Hello everyone, I'm sure someone can help me here. I have recently obtained an Ericca IOM for use in very light winds as I was previously assured they are a very good light wind boat. However I've not been entirely happy with the performance which is probably due to my rig set up especially as this boat is much wider in the beam that other IOM's I own. Is there an Ericca owner past or present able to help with this please? Many thanks Michael
  20. Hi pal you got any pics and price please
  21. Neil D


    Hi Steve could be interested. Do you have more9nfo, some pics, and of course price please. thanks neil
  22. Phil I have an EVO 3 nice fast boat that does not get used due to me still prefering my Isis. Also nowhere near Fleetwood but I do See a few of the Fleetwood crew at 6M meetings, so that could be a posibility. Boat has a current certificate, had a recent repaint, 3 Rigs in Rig bag, RMG winch and a nice stand. Could supply with Radio and Batteries.
  23. stevevw


    Neil I have a practically unused DF95 Has had an hour on the water to set up and then 1 mornings racing. Comes with the bright orange hull option, A, B and C rigs in a rig bag. Also have a new never used standard white hull that could be added as a spare. I am in North Herts. Let me know if you are interested Also have a matching DF65 same spec and even less use.
  24. Paint the outside of the spar with epoxy resin then whip the affected split zone, plus a bit further up with carbon or kevlar tow and then paint over with epoxy. This will create a high tensile hoop around the mast holding the existing parts together and prevent the split from travelling. hint if you need these to plug onto a smaller stub mast, use a polyethylene bung (can be made from parcel tape) in the end of the tube to stop the epoxy resin getting inside the tube and fouling the bayonet.
  25. Price now reduced to £550...
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