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  2. Thank you Tiggy_cat, had a look at those two. Both pretty heavy displacement hulls I'm afraid. Pieces of Eight looks about the sort of hull ; Thank you Shaun. Long and thin and easily adjusted from lines for a 4Kg all up weight. Will try to see if any lines are available.
  3. Boat provisionally SOLD
  4. Darin, I hope that your questions have been answered. The interpretation took a lot of work. Gordon
  5. Darin, on that link : https://www.sailing.org/90748.php then P4
  6. Hi Derek, NMYC Entries were updated Saturday morning to show 19 entries. Contacted Austin yesterday and asked him to update the MYA entry list, giving him the latest entries and copied you in. Vinnie
  7. There is always Nookie Bear, available as a plan from Sarik (https://www.sarikhobbies.com/product/nookie-bear-radio-10-rater-plan/) OR Vic Smeed's Spook (All Radio Sailboats - Design: Spook) If you are into 3D printing, there are a couple of options herehttps://3dprintedradioyachts.com/10-bananas-10r-first-major-regatta/
  8. Offered for sale on the National 6m website is a boat which may appeal to a wider audience than just pure 6m racing enthusiasts so I have highlighted it here in the hope it will go to the new home it deserves. There are full details and pictures there. Clearly it is of an age and comes with a set of varnished sails which if you look closely look might be the work of Martin Roberts' father, wooden spars, traditional fittings and apparently it has some original rc gear within it too. I'm sure it would qualify as a 6m classic and may be of interest to the vintage modellers section too. I would think it could be set up as an rc boat or as a pond yacht. The link to it is here: http://sixmetresailing.weebly.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html
  9. I think you mean the Roger Stollery designed 'Pieces of Eight' ? Shaun.
  10. Looking to build a 10R since there seem to be no second hand hulls around. I remember seeing a chined design on here some time ago, but can no longer find it. I know that this hull form is not necessarily the best, but I can cobble one together in a few days; as previously done for a foiling Mini40 not so long ago (now sold on) Also cheap as chips and light enough to come close to CF in that hull form. Can anyone point me in the direction of the lines for that chined 10R ?? I do remember that it was a well known designer. Richard
  11. Hi Mitch Boat is still available. my no is 07939347507 Simon
  12. Mitch

    Rocket 4185

    Hi Simon, very interested in your Aardvark. I am new to the hobby, currently have a DF95 and looking for a reasonably competitive IOM, particularly in light to medium conditions. literally just joined MYA just now so I can engage with you about buying your boat! hopefully still for sale. How do we proceed from here? - can we talk on the phone etc cheers Mitch (Wayne Mitchell)
  13. J CLASS YACHT Alan Horne Moulded in GRP from the original "RANGER" White over Blue. Nos 1 & 2 Housemartin Sails .Spektrum RX & TX electrics Trolley & Stand. £600.00 Buyer collects from Woodlet Berks. Contact -----Lionel.58C@gmail.com
  14. Hi Gordon, Can you point to where the interpretation you mention is shown. There is still a feeling that it is advantage against an individual boat not the fleet position. Darin.
  15. Hi Vinnie, Thats very good, but you only have 17 showing on NMYC and only 12 on the MYA site!! Who are all the extras?
  16. Excellent record entry with 19 boats, still room for a few more. Reminder that entries close on 22nd October.
  17. The 8 Metre class is regularly sailed and raced at Poole PRYC attracting 10/15 boats on race mor ings. I have had this boat since new but have not sailed it much recently. It is in very nice condition and is complete and ready to go with the following: Lever arm sail winch Rudder servo Transmitter - 2.4 Ghz Receiver to match Battery pack Offers in region of £290 David Munro email: warehamdave@hotmail.co.uk
  18. Earlier
  19. Thank you Peter I have done some research. It would seem that amber/ bronze lens colour enhance contrast and depth of perception. So perhaps there is no right answer. Dave
  20. Not quite sure Andy I'm afraid .
  21. Andy_S1

    Rocket 4185

    Nice looking boat Simon, is it the Rocket II ?
  22. Simon Evans

    Rocket 4185

    Aardvark Rocket designer Mike Cooke of Aarvarkracing.com. Maker of the top foiling moths Hull no 4185 in good condition Sails etc A B C rigs. RMG self tensioning winch Ram Creed foils. XT 60 electrics Sailboat rc stand Flysky fi16 transmiter Flysky receiver Lipo 1300 battery all ready to sail Certificate. sail no stencils . patch templates .spare patch martial view Woodspring Avon or Whitefriars at Cotswold waterpark in Wiltshire £725
  23. Hello Dave, IV also started to think about what type of glasses to use. Read a lot about it. Finally took Oakley SplitShot type with mirror blue lenses. Works perfectly on blue water but very well on green and grey water also. In any sunlight conditions. What I'm waiting for are the fabulous brand Costa del Mar type Tuna Alley blue mirror (glass lenses version). Costa seems the most advanced for watersport use. Hope it helps. BR, Peter
  24. Congratulations to Graham Bantock for a convincing win at Manor Park. Full report courtesy of Gordon Sears can be found on the class website. Ensure to come back over the coming week as Gordon uploads more pictures and videos of the event. https://radioaclass.wordpress.com/organic-gallery-with-intro-text/
  25. Hi Geoff - I’ll send you a message.
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