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  1. Hi Derek, NMYC Entries were updated Saturday morning to show 19 entries. Contacted Austin yesterday and asked him to update the MYA entry list, giving him the latest entries and copied you in. Vinnie
  2. Excellent record entry with 19 boats, still room for a few more. Reminder that entries close on 22nd October.
  3. Entry looks good, now up to 16. Still room for a few more.
  4. Hi All, entries look good with 9 confirmed and another 4 entering from the Norwich area. Would appreciate early entries as we are trying to organise a Buffet after the racing on Saturday and require a rough idea of numbers. See you soon. Vinnie
  5. Reminder that entry to the Joint Services Regatta is now open and there is still room for a few more. Entry is open to all serving or retired members of the Navy, Army, Air force and Emergency services, (Fire, Police and Ambulance) Entry Via On Line or Direct to me on vinnie.zammit@gmail.com
  6. The Joint services regatta will be held at Gosport SC on 2nd and 3rd October 2021. The event is sailed in IOM's and is open to all Current and Ex members of the Navy, Army, Air force and Emergency Services ( Police, Fire, Ambulance). If you are interested in joining us at this event please contact Vinnie Zammit E Mail: vinnie.zammit@gmail.com to be placed on the Event distribution list. Alternatively phone 01603 928411.
  7. Hi John, thanks for your interpretation of the incident, interesting that talking to Graham Bantock, he was of the same opinion as you. P.S to the incident Boat B withdrew the protest as he felt that it would be wrong to penalise boat A as he had done nothing wrong. Maybe he was not such a bad sportsman after all.
  8. During the final part of a race, the leading 2 boats had to round the last mark to port and go directly to the finish line on a dead run. The leading boat (A) rounded the mark approximately 2 lengths in front and instead of going to the finish line went towards another buoy. After he had travelled some 2 to 3 boat lengths from the buoy the race officer called out and told him that he was going in the wrong direction, he immediately altered course to the finish line. The 2nd placed boat (B) immediately called protest for outside help. Boat (A) went on to win the race by half a length from (B). Would be interesting if John Ball or other serious Jurors / Judges voiced their opinion.
  9. Hi Gents, thought i would let you know that i am back into 6M and am currently building a Cerebus, looks interesting.
  10. Hi Mike, will send a list of those owners from Norwich and the Broads this Weekend.
  11. Must admit i found the results of the voting very disappointing, i was expecting at least 150+ replies. However now that i read that people did not receive their i contact E mails and knowing that John Newton kindly sent them out to all, i feel that the system might not be working as it should. I will certainly take it up with the MYA Council and see what can be done to improve the matter.
  12. Hi all, the following are the results of voting at this years IOMICA AGM. Resolution 6.1: Ratifying the emergency class rule change - Passed Resolution 7.1: Proposal to change scoring system from HMS to SHSS at International Championships - Defeated Resolution 7.2: Proposal affecting judging at International Championships - Passed Detailed minutes of the meeting, including treasurers report, will be coming out soon.
  13. Hi Eric, just a note to assure you that all votes that were submitted to me in time were counted and cast. Eric i must apologise but i did receive your vote and it was counted and have it in my record as such, unfortunately i did not press the read receipt button. As it is my intention to shortly to resign both my positions with the MYA, a man of "passion" will be required to take over. Could you be that man?
  14. Hi Eric, cannot see how people cannot be better informed. Every person that has a boat registered with the MYA was sent an E mail informing them of the Vote.
  15. The following are the results of the poll sent out to 1082 IOM owners to establish how the MYA should vote with regards to the motions set out at the forthcoming IOMICA AGM Motion 6.1: Ratify Emergency rule change regarding Gooseneck and Fittings. For: 31 Votes, Against: 5 Votes. Motion 7.1: Change event scoring system from HMS to Simple Heat Racing System. For: 6 Votes, Against: 30 Votes. Motion 7.2: Change CCR 6.4 to ensure Main Jury Members have sufficient experience to manage Continental or World Championships. For: 30 Votes, Against: 6 Votes. The MYA will vote according to the above results
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