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  1. Thanks Eric, I'll follow that up.
  2. Hi, does anyone have an old red Whirlwind winch or parts available? I've just used up my 'spare' and would like to fix or replace it like for like if possible. As I only have an old club-racing IOM, it is not worth me upgrading to a RMG. Peter Iles petercarrhouse@gmail.com 07847 200073
  3. I have a Schuco "Mistral" semi-scale pond yacht for sale. It has no radio, vane or brane gear, but could probably have radio added fairly easily. Sizes: LOA 1020mm, LWL c.670mm, Beam 190mm, Draught c.150mm, Total height 1415mm. Mast 1160mm over deck, Weight 4kg As far as I can tell it is all original EXCEPT the top jumper stays have been repaired by the addition of a pair of small brass rigging screws, and another small brass rigging screw has been inserted into the kicker wire.. Sails are single-panel dacron or similar. see https://www.allradiosailboats.com/design/mistralH Boat is in Lancaster, UK. petercarrhouse@gmail.com 07847 200073
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