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  1. Excellent job Richard and thanks for the information please publish more as you progress. Steve
  2. Good work the photos are very helpful. I'm about to start planking an Ellipsis and am a bit concerned about the process, I understand the planking but not sure about what epoxy to use etc etc. Please update as you move forward.
  3. ericatcse

    Wood supplier?

    Hi Paul Unfortunately I haven't had time to start I am also costing out the project and considering the options of importing hull and deck moldings etc from Australia which may be easier and not much more expensive or just spend what I expect it to cost on a second hand boat. I have also arranged to meet up with a man who has experience of planking racing yachts rather than galleons/historic boats etc to discuss the best way to plan out the planks so I am still moving forward if slowly. I currently sail a Lintle twice a week which is competitive on my club water so enjoy my sailing with a great group of skippers. Will post updated as I move forward
  4. Thanks that's really helpful, good luck with the transplant!
  5. ericatcse

    Wood supplier?

    Excellent service from Barry now all I need is to find out how to plank! If this is a success I will certainly contact local timber yards. Thanks again. Steve
  6. ericatcse

    Wood supplier?

    Excellent service from Barry now all I need is to find out how to plank!
  7. looks really good what glue did you use whilst planking? I hope to start building an Ellipsis IOM soon , have bought the planks just staring to get the other stuff together. I have already bought another boat with good rigs etc which I will transfer in due course. Do you have any more pictures to illustrate the planking process? Cheers Steve
  8. ericatcse

    Wood supplier?

    Thanks for your replies I can move forward now.
  9. ericatcse

    Wood supplier?

    Hello I am considering planking a IOM but can't find a supplier for the planks have searched on line but only found 1M max lengths. I am based in Greater Manchester. Thanks
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