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  1. This is a very interesting discussion I was a measurer for many years however I believe we are missing an opportunity. In my own club (Etherow) we do not have a measurer we have over 100 members 20+ sail yachts, mostly IOMs, Fiestas and an increasing number of DF65s. We struggle to get 6 members to join the MYA. To get a boat measured we would have to go usually to Birkenhead, Fleetwood or into Yorkshire, I have a couple of IOMs which have registered numbers but will never be measured due to distance etc and we have other IOMs that will never be measured officially (I wonder how many numbers are issued but no measurement certificate is ever submitted) I understand that there are numbers of unmeasured boats at Bury and Platt Fields clubs also. For IOMs we all buy sails from recognised English sail makers and sail hulls that have been made to recognised designs. We have no tank to check draft but we assume the draft from the plans and set up the boat on its design waterline, from that we can measure the total draft against the rules, we also use digital scales to check weight. The sails and rigging are easy to measure. My point being that there is no need to have special check weights, or to go on RYA courses for IOMs we only have one current member who attends district events but there is no encouragement for our members to take a wider part in district events, the MYA offers nothing to these people. We don't have any one prepared to become an official measurer and attend the RYA course. Why can we not have a simplified system for club sailors who may occasionally attend district or open events with the proviso that a full official measurement must be undertaken to attend Nationals etc. Does a 36 require an RYA course certificated measurer when the sail area isn't measured ? Steve Toulson
  2. Hello I sail at Etherow and we have approx 20 IOMs in the club, we have been using the 61 grm winches for some time now without any problems,. We found that if you get the HITEC drum and drill the centre out then the small drum supplied fits straight into it, we just fasten them together with a couple of screws and file the underneath flat, this then improves the speed considerably and is bigger that the Kingmax alloy drum, We don't often get high winds but we have had no failures and they're coping well with LIFE batteries controlled through Flysky 6 channel TX and RX. Last Tuesday we had 16 IOMs sailing and I would think 12 were using the Kingmax winch and we sailed all day with no battery problems. We have also used the lower turn winches without any problem three of us have just bought the 68 grm winch as there have been supply problems in the past.
  3. Excellent job Richard and thanks for the information please publish more as you progress. Steve
  4. Good work the photos are very helpful. I'm about to start planking an Ellipsis and am a bit concerned about the process, I understand the planking but not sure about what epoxy to use etc etc. Please update as you move forward.
  5. ericatcse

    Wood supplier?

    Hi Paul Unfortunately I haven't had time to start I am also costing out the project and considering the options of importing hull and deck moldings etc from Australia which may be easier and not much more expensive or just spend what I expect it to cost on a second hand boat. I have also arranged to meet up with a man who has experience of planking racing yachts rather than galleons/historic boats etc to discuss the best way to plan out the planks so I am still moving forward if slowly. I currently sail a Lintle twice a week which is competitive on my club water so enjoy my sailing with a great group of skippers. Will post updated as I move forward
  6. Thanks that's really helpful, good luck with the transplant!
  7. ericatcse

    Wood supplier?

    Excellent service from Barry now all I need is to find out how to plank! If this is a success I will certainly contact local timber yards. Thanks again. Steve
  8. ericatcse

    Wood supplier?

    Excellent service from Barry now all I need is to find out how to plank!
  9. looks really good what glue did you use whilst planking? I hope to start building an Ellipsis IOM soon , have bought the planks just staring to get the other stuff together. I have already bought another boat with good rigs etc which I will transfer in due course. Do you have any more pictures to illustrate the planking process? Cheers Steve
  10. ericatcse

    Wood supplier?

    Thanks for your replies I can move forward now.
  11. ericatcse

    Wood supplier?

    Hello I am considering planking a IOM but can't find a supplier for the planks have searched on line but only found 1M max lengths. I am based in Greater Manchester. Thanks
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