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  1. You would be better chatting to fleet captains at the bigger 10R clubs like the round pond, or Hampton Court as they may know of things for sale that might not get advertised on here!
  2. Contact Roger Stollery I’m sure he would share the drawings with you!
  3. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
  4. Best to contact Graham Bantock, he was the designer and Sailsetc likely the builder.
  5. Dave Kent

    Radio 36s

    Hi Steve, Is the NOR out yet? I’m sure Martin will reply shortly. The event isn’t until November.
  6. Dave Kent

    Yacht trolley

    Something like this would do!
  7. Dave Kent

    Radio 36s

    Hi Steve, Martin Dovey is class registrar, details on MYA site or in handbook. Stick something on the front, a bit of sponge maybe. I’m not sure what the previous rules said, as current rules state 10mm. But I owned a Taxashun and that just had a bit of sponge.
  8. Dave Kent

    Radio 36s

    Hi all, Now is the time to drag your Radio 36 out the shed or loft and get it ready for the Nationals at Bourneville on Sunday 7th of November. There’s probably 1900+ boats registered, I wonder where they all are?
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