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  1. John, There are some oddities in the A class measuring spreadsheet which I posted about on here back in August last year but have not had any response. They don't affect the fundamental measurement but confuse anyone like me trying to carry out a pre-measurement check themselves as there does not seem to be any supporting information in the documentation.
  2. Lester. Thanks very much for a prompt and helpful reply. Nobody has ever protested so far, not even in the vane Marblehead Nationals last year so I will continue to furl my jib and await the clarification of the rules. Vane sailors are invariably polite and helpful, even to a relatively inexperienced participant like myself. I am sure if someone decided to point out the error of my ways they would do it in a friendly manner! p.s. No Arduinos were fitted to China Boy when the photo below was taken
  3. I have found that the most stable and effective configuration when vane sailing a Marblehead downwind with a spinnaker set, is to furl the foresail loosely around its luff and secure it with a couple of velcro straps. That way it seems to have minimal risk of interference with the airflow into the spinnaker, However the Marblehead class rules (C 7.4.g) say a sail may not be reefed and in some definitions furling and reefing seem to be considered interchangeable terms. Can anyone advise me whether my practice of furling the foresail is legal? If its illegal, whats the next best option?
  4. Another titbit of information about the above Marblehead, which might jog someones memory. It's believed it was built by a person named L. Dalton in 1975.
  5. A friend of mine is currently restoring a Stan Witty Windwing 10 rater which is approaching completion in our workshop. His next project may be a hull he bought on the Wirral, via Ebay about 5 years ago. I believe it's probably a Marblehead, as it's 50 inches long but it's unusual in that it has a 15 inch beam. Construction is longitudinal internal planks and diagonal external ones. It looks as though it once had an internal handle but it has been cut off. The deck opening has been extended but now significantly overlaps where the mast step appeared to be. As a design I would guess it dates from around 1970. We did try to identify it through the VMYG when it was first acquired, but without success, apart from one member who thought there may have been a very wide beam design by D A Macdonald, but we have been unable to trace that. If anyone has any suggestions we would be interested to hear them.
  6. Dave, I tried to complete the questionnaire but it will not allow me to submit it unless I say I am attending one of the 4 events in the final box. I would have been interested in attending the Vane nationals but Gosport is too far away from us and we have a holiday booked then. The form needs to have a 'none of the above' box added to that section.
  7. Eric, Why not put photos of the others up as well so we can have a go at identifying them? Gareth
  8. Eric, The full sized plan may still be available from Sarik Hobbies but I could not see it on their website so you might need to contact them and check if its in their archive. There is a reasonably high resolution copy of the plan on the excellent All Radio Sailboats website https://www.allradiosailboats.com/img/boat/s/spook/Spook-Feb-81.jpg The plan says the full sized lead is 16 lb but reduce it to 15 lb for radio control. The distance from the deck to top of the mast is 80 inches. There is an article on the design in the February 1981 issue of Model Boats magazine, probably available via Ebay. Regards Gareth
  9. Eric I think your Canada 10 Rater is a Vic Smeed Spook design from 1981 Gareth
  10. Eric, Peter, a friend of ours in the VMYG bought a 10 Rater from a chap in Bournemouth a few weeks ago. I suspect it may be where you got your yachts from as it was an estate sale and he saw several other hulls under some plastic sheeting and was told they had been bought as a 'job lot' by someone. We have positively identified Peter's 10 Rater as a Rio design from 1975. The sails that came with it were numbered 1410 but we believe these are associated with an earlier 10 Rater named Sapphire III, first registered in 1955. Its possible that the 10 Rater sails you have, numbered 1514 may really be associated with Peter's Rio but I would have thought there would have been more 10 Raters registered in the 20 year gap than the sail numbers suggest. However if you think your 10 Rater my be a mid 50's design Peter is open to a swap or some other deal. If you want the full details of Sapphire III let me know. I can't readily check the old 10 Rater register for information on 1514 for the next few weeks as the keeper is away. I have attached a picture of the Rio design, just for interest. Gareth
  11. I have been measuring my A class yacht to the best of my ability and I think I am getting close to having an accurate record using the Excel spreadsheet which is part of the A class documentation. However there is one aspect that puzzles me slightly. The design is a John Lewis Phaedra 2 and feeding in my hull measurements and the John Lewis drawing sail dimensions for the top suit, the boat comes out slightly over the maximum rating. If I reduce the height of the jib and mainsail by about 25 mm I get a rating of 1000 which I would have thought would give the maximum permitted area. However in column O of the spreadsheet there are some figures in red which are said to be the suggested maximum possible values for sail dimensions and these are all greater than my input values. The maximum possible foretriangle height is said to be 1631 mm which is greater than allowed in the rules. Could someone please explain where I am going wrong in my understanding?
  12. Derek Does this exempt me from needing to do an RYA sail measuring course? Draught and freeboard I can manage on my bench. QBL I have also measured (roughly) and I think its ok. I am putting m,y faith in Bill Daniels and John Lewis's skills as designers as their relevant drawings say the QBL penalty should be zero. Slide rule still in the loft, I have progressed from inches, a calculator, pencil and paper to putting millimeters straight into the A class Excel spread sheet Bill the Milk event looks doubtful due to the arrival of Elizabeth's latest trainee hearing dog puppy Elsie, younger sister of our last dog William who has just gone out to work this week.. Best regards Gareth
  13. For those of you who are A class anoraks and have been lying awake at night wondering why the waterline length of our Serica III was so long , I now have the answer. I have almost completed a second A class to John Lewis's Phaedra 2 design. That had the same problem of excessive waterline length when measured in our garden pond. I have now measured both hulls in a 6 foot water trough using the recommended technique of gently drawing the hull towards a metal 'weir' across the tank at the surface level of the water, measuring the overhang forward and aft and subtracting these values from the overall length of the hull. This gave results much closer to the predicted design values and around 1.5 inches less than my pond based method suggested. The answer, therefore, is that it was all down to my crap measuring process which was much more pessimistic than I thought.
  14. Hi Michael, I did a bit more research into your model and came across another design by F G Draper who designed Plane Jane. It was slightly later, in 1967 and called Coquette III. It does not look quite as much like yours as Plane Jane, but it is a metre long. There is an article about it in the Sept 1967 issue of Model Boats but I don't have a copy. In the VMYG list of plans, Coquette III is described as International 10/40, 1 metre, but I have never heard of this class. It may be that your model is another design by F G Draper from the mid 60's but I am just guessing there. I have received a copy of your email to the VMYG and I will give you a ring sometime in the next few days. Gareth
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