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  1. Check in equipment section
  2. Check in equipment section
  3. Check in equipment section
  4. Sand cast lead bulbs 2 available 3357grams £70 3533grams £80 Available at Fleetwood or Keighley. i will post at cost but will be costly and risky
  5. Thank you i will have a play with this at the weekend
  6. i have seen someone moving the throttle sideways to to adjust the setting position and this is what i would like to do . perhaps i didn't explain properly.
  7. I would like to set up my winch control to sheet in a little or sheet out a little without using the trim toggle. Could someone tell me how do you set this up by moving the stick left or right please .
  8. Would it not be possible to have a measurers course organised at one or several of the championships .Therefore costs to the potential measurer would only be time.
  9. Create a patch to cover the hull to keel box joint out of book cover laminate this should cover the cracked area then put some Captain Tolleys creeping crack cure into the hull this should keep you on the water and the water out.
  10. From your description I think the hull could carry a little more lead forward .I would add more forward until stern and stem are at water level this will then give you all up weight for fitting out rig and steering gear. Remember that the steering gear is hung on the aft end and allow for this.
  11. Does anyone know who will carry out a change of ownership please
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