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  1. (Fleetwood Club sailing abroad) It has been a 3 year long wait but this week I finally tested my prototype US1m 'Pringle', against others here at Wickham Park, Florida. The Space Coast club members here have all made me feel welcome. Due to the temperature of nearly 90 degrees we could only sail for part of the morning. In the small fleet of 6 boats I managed 2nd place overall, but that was enough evidence to determine that I have a competitive design and a project worth pursuing. Moving forward, I will now compete in the class championships with my 3D printed prototype at Long Beach, California in August. Hopefully in 2023, we will finalise the hull shape and build the carbon version of 'Pringle'. I want to thank the guys of the Space Coast Model Sailing club for their warm welcome. Its been great fun and I look forward to my next visit sometime soon.
  2. Evening Eric I have consistently used the Kingsmax winch in my IOM, US1m and previous RG for the last 5 years. It is a great little winch, but I would not use the winch in anything bigger than an IOM. Admittedly, the Kingsmax is not as fast as an RMG, but you as the skipper would learn to manage the speed and timing, when operating the yacht’s sails during a race. As for the new spec winch, I can’t see me using that in a competitive Marblehead. However, I’m for being educated. JT
  3. Using the link below, I invite everyone to read about our sailing activity since the start of the year. An update on our latest projects. Weblink: Here JT
  4. Thanks Graham for your supportive comment. Further to what Ive said on my initial post about Peroni. I launched my previous design in 2014, after an encouraging result at the World Championships in the same year. Over time, I have witnessed the growth of the Starkers and the Grunge which are fantastic yachts for different reasons. So last year, I decided to have another go at making something which in the future could challenge these Marblehead designs. My prototypes will race against the established yachts, both in Radio and Vane sailing events, Damian and I will gather the data over the course of this year. Hopefully in 2023, we will finalise the hull shape and construction process to make the finalised carbon version of Peroni. Thanks again. JT
  5. Peroni (Marblehead) Project Previously, I have spoken about the above design projects which over time have become established moulded yachts. Since the summer of 2021, both Damian and myself have worked on a new (Marblehead) project, which we hope will replace our existing design. This weekend saw the launch of our new 3D printed prototype 'Peroni'. Using PLA the hull, deck and internal fixtures were all created in 3 sections, which have been bonded together. However, the foils being used are carbon with the yacht's hull surface painted to a smooth finish. The overall hull weight is 150 grams more in comparison to a carbon hull, but this is a manageable limitation for a test yacht. 'Peroni' will feature in various regattas in the coming months.
  6. A couple of years ago I published then my wish list of races I wanted to attend for the year. The idea was to account for the distance I travelled and the amount of money used over the course of the year. It was just a fun thing to do and to have an appreciation of the effort and costs involved when maintaining a hobby such as Radio Sailing. Unfortunately, the pandemic took hold around the world and my fact finding idea couldn't continue. However, as we are now living with Covid there is an opportunity to start a fresh and account over the course of this year, how far I travel and the average amount of money I use, (travel & accommodation expenses) when attending these regattas. Therefore, below is my wish list of races that I would like to attend. The list over time may change slightly but come the end of 2022, we will be able to publish my average annual cost. JT
  7. 2021 Review. Please go to the link below to read my thoughts on this year. I would like to thank everyone who has spent time reading these reports, then have provided some positive feedback to us at the lakeside. Damian and myself take great pleasure in creating the yachts we have launched and to compete against the best skippers around the world. This is our challenge that we pursue and to receive the support and encouragement from other suppliers, just makes us both very thankful. Web Link: Here Happy New Year to all. Looking forward to 2022.
  8. Hi Everyone, May a chip into this subject. I think club racing which forms the 'Grass Routes' part of Radio Sailing can provide a very important inclusion to a skipper's education. I am sure a good percentage of the (UK) MYA's membership does not have that Full Size or Dinghy sailing experience. If managed correctly club sailing can deliver the education required to make skippers more aware of themselves on the water and therefore raising the standard of the sailing we all see. I race a variety of classes across the country, one of the biggest aspects for skipper education is understanding distance between two boats or to the buoy on the course. For example, 4 boat lengths to a mark on the course will be at a much greater distance for an A - Class in comparison to an IOM, that's double the distance to the mark. I find this piece of information not always understood but should be an important inclusion to a Race Officer's briefing. Generally, I think the standard of sailing differs across the fleet. The top skippers who represent A and B Fleets in most Championships all sail very well. An example I've witnessed many times, is some skippers will communicate with each other whilst sailing, or will just dip the transom of another boat and continue. There is the few who once they have purchased a high performing yacht will race with a 'Gun Hoe' attitude, It is a term I've become familiar with these past years. Again, I think this is where club sailing can help in the education of skippers. Maybe in the future the MYA Race Calendar could be slim down to allow more opportunity for club sailing? JT
  9. Mike, My experiences as described above both involved Umpires and not Observers. In both cases, I was not happy with the Umpire's call and in my first case, I decided to protest. I lost my appeal which included being personally reprimanded.
  10. Gents It is probably best to keep your rigs within a sail box. The box provides the best protection. However, if this is not possible, I hang my rigs vertically within a dry room. Always ease the tension on the sails to prevent stretching and lightly oil any ball race fittings. After all there is some value in the rigs we use. Regards JT
  11. Gents I give thanks to you both for your comments and I will study the links above. Periodically, during regattas I do experience peer pressure from skippers and using my own experience, I thought it was a good subject to highlight. My understanding is that if an Umpire calls during a race, then there is no argument. In my first experience, I was generally not happy with the decision. The protest hearing turned into a ‘Dressing Down’, of why I was questioning the integrity of the Umpire. Although I put my case forward, I was still banished from the protest hearing and I remember feeling very disgruntled. JT
  12. What are the options in this scenario. Skipper ‘A’ claims there has been a contact between 2 boats. Therefore, Skipper ‘A’ protests. Skipper ‘B’ does not agree and continues sailing. There is no immediate call by the umpire. Skipper ‘A’ continues to be vocal and requests for anyone within the fleet, if they saw the incident. No one comes forward. Skipper ‘A’ continues to be vocal during the race. In the end, the Umpire calls the incident and Skipper B is required to complete a penalty. Skipper ‘B’ still doesn’t believe there was a collision. He believes the Umpire hasn’t seen the incident either, but has reacted because of peer pressure. I was Skipper B, in my first experience, I refused the penalty and went to protest, to be disqualified. In my second experience, I did a penalty and was relegated from A-Fleet but felt disgruntled. Your thoughts??
  13. Vane Marblehead Championships, Day 2 / Results A southerly breeze with heavy showers greeted the fleet today. Not a day for spinnakers. Right from the start both Lewis and Shaun Wyeth we’re taking points from the other challengers, whilst both Zac and Martin Roberts we’re serving their 'Bye' heats. The first round of racing was completed by lunchtime. The Race Officer then split the fleet, with the Vintage yachts sailing each other and the more modern Marblehead's in their own fleet. In the afternoon session the final round was completed before the bad weather set in over Fleetwood. Congratulations to Shaun Wyeth, winner of the 2021 Vane (M) Championship, sailing his Starkers design. 2nd place Lewis Wyeth and 3rd Martin Roberts. In the Vintage event Alan and David Bell came out on top, sailing their Witchcraft design. As for the TOTS Team, the winners were Martin Roberts and Lewis Wyeth with a combined score of 76 points. Overall this was a great family regatta. Thanks goes to my Race Team and the Fleetwood Club.
  14. Vane Marblehead Championship Report, Day 1 A 9 boat fleet entered this traditional event which has a long history with Fleetwood. A good mix of yachts from the vintage era to some of the more modern designs such as David Creeds Starkers. The strong westerly breeze kept the boats mostly using C-rig and thankfully all didn’t have to many equipment issues during the day. To the racing then, the early pace setters have come from the Roberts and Wyeth families. Both Zac and Lewis have taken points from their fathers, the younger generation making their own marks in this regatta. However, Dave Geldard started well in the morning session before loosing momentum after lunch. In the Vintage group Alan and David Bell have taken the most points during the day and provided some close competition against the more modern marbleheads. At the halfway stage Shaun Wyeth leads with 27 points from a possible 30. Lewis Wyeth is in 2nd place with Zac and Martin Roberts close behind, but the Roberts family have sailed for 35 points and yet to have a ‘Bye’ heat. It’s all to play for tomorrow.
  15. Day 3 Report /Results. Congratulations to Craig Richards (05) for winning the UK Championship, 2nd place was John Tushingham (51) and 3rd place Peter Baldwin (172). In total 15 rounds were completed in a wide range of wind conditions. There were 8 protest hearings during the regatta. Special thank you to Derek Priestley, Rob Walsh and the Fleetwood racing team, including the ladies in the canteen who fed us all during the 3 days. The windward gate worked very well and we may see this format more often? As for me (214), I’ve found results hard to come by lately, especially after the disappointment of the (IOM) Championship a few weeks ago. However, this results (6th) renews my confidence in my abilities and to find your ‘Mojo’ again is a great feeling. Also I’m grateful to Bob Jolly for the use of his boat.
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