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MYA Knowledge Base – Exciting Changes

MYA web Logo Final 2015

The MYA Knowledge Base (Kb) has gone through some interesting changes recently designed to make the inclusion and viewing of information more readily available to all those interested in Radio and Free Sailing.

Since its inception the MYA Members Area and Knowledge Base have contained some very useful documents, with articles and reference items for the newcomer and experienced skipper.

There are essential documents that explain all aspects of our sport from boat building and trim through to club development and race management.

However one of the regular discussions has been about how this is presented, many see it as part of the membership fees, and others see it as a resource that should be used as general promotion of the sport; some have just been reluctant to explore because much is hidden behind a password which they cant remember!

So, at a recent Council Meeting it was agreed that all but the most important of private member information would be available to view as “Free to Air” material, many items previously locked behind the login will know be brought in to the public areas.

How to view the new Knowledge Base.

The Kb can now be accessed straight from the front page of the website using the header bar which when clicked will show the page below:

Knowledge Base

On the right hand side of the web page is a list of other categories and areas which will allow you to search other elements.

The content will be expanded as we go along and hopefully will build into a comprehensive library of knowledge available to anyone with an interest in the sport.

We hope that this becomes a useful resource for all.


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