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IOM Class Captain has stepped down

The IOM Class Captain, Malcolm Appleton, has stepped down. During his time in the role, Malcolm introduced many things to the class including regular newsletters, an improved and updated website, improved communications with members via Microsoft 365 as well as progressing discussions with the MYA to formalise the class position within the UK and move toward more control of class matters and ultimately becoming the formal NCA for the IOM class in the UK.

These discussions recently stalled over who, and how, class measurers should be trained and accredited, and as a result Malcolm decided that any further contributions from him were a waste of his time and effort and has stood down. It cannot be underestimated the time and commitment that Malcolm has put into this over the 13 months since taking over as the IOM CC and we thank him for all his efforts.

All major functions for the IOM class, measuring, boat certification, registration etc will continue as normal while the class choose a new captain.

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