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How the 2020 MYA AGM will be run

Earlier in the year the MYA Council took the decision to hold this year’s AGM as a virtual meeting.

How the AGM will be run

The period up to the AGM date in November will be very much the same as in previous years. These are the exceptions:

1. The voting this year will be different. Club representatives will be asked to get votes from their members. In previous years Clubs have just given a block vote: “In Favour” or “Against” for the Motions and Nomination of Officers.

This year we are asking for numbers

Every Member will get one Vote

The voting forms will ask for:
“number of members in favour”,
“number of members against”
“number of members abstaining”.

We do not require names against the numbers.

We are asking that Club representatives keep a record of their Members’ votes, which in the event of any dispute could be requested by Council for verification.

2. All voting to be lodged seven days prior to the AGM as there will be no physical meeting

3. The two Scrutineers to oversee the voting results, will, on this occasion be our two Trustees, Mike Kemp and Vic Bellerson.

4. At a physical meeting, Members have the opportunity to ask questions of the Council. If you have any question/s, please pass on to your Club Representative, who should submit it/them to the Secretary to Council seven days prior to the AGM.

On the day of the AGM i.e. Saturday 28th November, a video will be released. This will have been recorded using Microsoft Teams.

  • The results of all voting will be announced
  • The newly elected Chair will then chair the meeting with his/her new Council.
  • Your questions will be read out and answered by Council.

The important dates are as follows:

  • 29th October 2020. The last date for me to receive the Nomination of Officers’ Form. If Club Secretaries require another copy of the form, please drop me a line.
  • 5th November 2020. By this date I will have sent out to Club Secretaries the following:
    • A List of the Nominations for our next Council
    • The Agenda for the AGM
    • All Reports from Council including the Audited Accounts
    • District and Class Association Reports (where received)
    • A copy of the Minutes from the 2019 AGM
    • A Voting form to vote for a) the election of the Council b) the Audited Accounts
    • A form to complete and submit if you or any Member of your club wish to ask a question of Council at the “Virtual” AGM
  • 21st November 2020. The last date for me to receive Club Voting papers and any questions you may wish to bring to the AGM.

During the week commencing 23rd November 2020, the Council will hold a Microsoft Teams meeting which will be recorded. At this meeting Council will work through the Agenda, answer any questions raised and elect the new Council. This recording will be released on Saturday 28th November 2020.

2021 Subscriptions

Whilst writing can I remind you that the MYA subscription for 2021 will be £14, but Members as shown on the MYA database at 30th September will receive a £7 credit against their 2021 fee, therefore paying only £7.

I hope that the above is all clear, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or any Council Member.

Take care
Jen Hand
Secretary to Council

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