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  1. Sorry, it's just been sold...
  2. Price now reduced to £550...
  3. Sorry these are late... Please note the Sailbox IS included but the stand IS NOT:
  4. My first IOM. New RMG winch and Hitec waterproof Rudder servo 2020. 3 Rigs: A has PG mast, Housemartin Sails, Sails Etc Booms B & C both have Sails Etc Groovy spars, and sails. Also includes sailbox, two 1000mAh LiFe batteries, roll of red Deck Patch material. Competitive boat in club sailing £650 ono Contact Larry on 07967 493260 Colchester based.
  5. Thank you for your very kind words about our 6M event, we are delighted you enjoyed sailing at HDMBC! Larry Botheras Committee Member HDMBC
  6. To further indicate the direction in which the RYA is travelling, I'm a shore-based cruising instructor, and my Club has had to replace our Diesel instructor. If we wish to continue providing RYA courses, the new Instructor HAS to be hold at least a Yachtmaster Offshore... As if that trumps an ex-commercial shipping engineer...
  7. Mine was more like 10 degrees
  8. I have a Pikanto, and mine certainly isn't raked aft, my issue was the bulb was tilted up at the front... I cured this with a small stainless washer put in the front of the slot in the bulb ...
  9. The RYA is getting increasingly bureaucratic and setting hoops higher and higher... So a 1 day Diesel course requires a fully qualified Yachtmaster to teach it....
  10. I am an RYA Member (I'm a shore-based instructor) which cost me £47 for my annual renewal last October...
  11. Caution....I have used this pproduct on full size yachts (to seal a leaky forehatch) with success. I haven't used it on my IOM... The product is Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure. It wicks its way into gaps...
  12. I have a spare you can borrow...
  13. I think the expression is "they all do that sir!". Maybe chat to Bill Green about getting it serviced?
  14. Based on the discussion here I've tried A-Fleet, and it's a great help pond side. I experimented Friday with a Fire tablet, and although I was competing it was very quick to enter the places and others for each race, and came to the overall results very quickly. Up till then we used HMS and the need for an upgrade to Office (Microsoft 365) and the costs associated for a small club make the £3.xx for A-Fleet well worth it
  15. Acetone on GRP is NOT a good idea, as it softens the cured resin
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