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  1. Based on the discussion here I've tried A-Fleet, and it's a great help pond side. I experimented Friday with a Fire tablet, and although I was competing it was very quick to enter the places and others for each race, and came to the overall results very quickly. Up till then we used HMS and the need for an upgrade to Office (Microsoft 365) and the costs associated for a small club make the £3.xx for A-Fleet well worth it
  2. Acetone on GRP is NOT a good idea, as it softens the cured resin
  3. I'd be interested to see the metallurgical analysis of the effects of rolling in a bend rather than relying on the elastic properties of the alloy
  4. I'm with you... put pre-bend in with the rig set up!!!
  5. You need to consider the excess on Household policies as well...
  6. School boy errors by SIr Ben around some of the starts... Crossing the start line 200m behind the other boat is poor... and the handling mistakes - did they actually GO sailing round a course in their break after the round robin??
  7. Doesn't need a lot of sorting to not be miles off the start line! That's poor start management on board! Starting second in a two boat race isn't a good plan...
  8. That port starboard on the final leg must have been a bit of a buttock clencher at 40+kts!
  9. If you notice there's a mouthpiece attached in easy reach in their clothing. Result of the unfortunate incident that resulted in the death of Andrew (Bart) Simpson
  10. I use Musto Helmsman gloves from my cruising boat. I don't get on with a muff, so only use one in wet weather. However, it doesn't look like Musto make them anymore...
  11. It's probably an Xbox or Playstation style controller - and it's cabled...
  12. Absolutely agree with John... it's a faultless system... I dip kitchen roll in the solution wipe around the deck opening and go from there. You don't have to leave as long as 24 hours, if it's in the warm a couple of hours will do
  13. Excellent way to spend some time...
  14. I'm afraid that's a poor excuse. It should be simple to prioritise the important issues to be dealt with. Basic principle of management
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