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  1. Hi Vinnie, Thats very good, but you only have 17 showing on NMYC and only 12 on the MYA site!! Who are all the extras?
  2. Great & detailed report!! Nice pics. I commend it to the MYA Racing officer, in lieu of my R. O.'s report so that I can now concentrate on preparations for the forthcoming IOM Nationals at Fleetwood at which I am again to be R.O. !
  3. Derek Priestley


    Hi Steve, If you can find a way, you will be most welcome at Fleetwood Derek Priestley President Fleetwood MYC.
  4. Hi Colin, "Mirage" were designed by Jeff Byerley a Kiwi, from AUS! We had several of them here in UK about 20 yrs ago. Hope this helps Derek
  5. Hi Gareth, Following on from all of your experiences, I believe that you have now completed phase 1 of the A class measurer's training course!! Just the draught, freeboard, QBL, sail area & formula (slide rule operation) reqd!! hope to see you at our "Bill the milk" trophy classic & Vintage Marblehead event in 3 weeks? Derek
  6. Well sailed everyone. Given the lack of wind & water, a good shakedown for Gosport!
  7. David Munro at Poole is probably your best chance.
  8. Since I can't go to the IOM ranking at CHF, I'll see you there!
  9. Could this boat have originated in Europe? We never had 1m long free sailing yachts in UK. We had 36" and Marblehead 50". I've been in the sport since 1960 but never heard of free sailing boats 1m long. Perhaps it was just a project some one built for fun. It looks very nicely built. Sorry I can't be more help. DerekP
  10. I have a Revenna which I will be racing at Fleetwood this weekend!!
  11. Back in around 1997 I would have won the 10r Nationals at the Round pond as I was the top 10r. Unfortunately I was beaten by a couple of Marbleheads!!!
  12. In 60 years of racing, club, open, National & World Championships, vane & radio, all classes, I've never had a boat lost or damaged. no doubt I will now I've said that!!!
  13. Nice one Jonny!! You'll be able to test them at the Nationals in August. Entries open Monday!!
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