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  1. Richard, Blondie Haslar was given a vane gear by Ken Jones (Graham & Chris Elliot's Grandad) at a boat show in , I think, the 1950's. And I think he developed his gear from this? you would always be welcome to come and join in at an event. Vane sailing takes 2 people per boat!! D
  2. Good luck with this, we've been doing this at Fleetwood since the first df65's came out & it's brought us loads of new members, some of whom have graduated to IOM's 6m's and even F/S (Vane) M & 36" . we start week after Easter & race till 2nd week in Sept. Our members love it. Derek
  3. FLEETWOOD CLASSIC & VINTAGE VANE MARBLEHEAD WEEKEND. We have 25 competitors from far & wide taking part in our "Old Blokes with Old Boats" and a few ladies too weekend. Some of the boats are 60+ years old and some of the sailors are 10 years older than that! BUT, they still managed to walk/jog around Fleetwood's lake which is 270 x 70 yards and covered about 8 miles according to Derek Morland's (Gosport Commodore) watch. Hopefully we'll do the same today. SATURDAY SCORES. Sailor boat design points Gareth Jones Witty Skippy 25 Alan Bell Priest Witchcraft 25 Damian Ackroyd Stollery Bloodaxe 25 Nigel Brown Tucker Duck 20 Keith Wiseman Witty Bosun 18 Lisa Priestley Clem Edwards 17 Tony Wilson Priest Witchcraft 17 Mick Parkinton Priest Witchcraft 16 Derek Morland Witty Wasp 16 Peter Iles Witty Vega 15 David Geldard Lund Mirage 14 Max Buttimer Wendy J 12 Richard Enos Pocohuntas 11 David Mathers Black Prince 10
  4. Great networking & helpful MYA members. This is a great example of the way model yotties are always willing to help each other.
  5. We all had a great Easter weekend at Gosport for the F/S 36" Nationals. 16 boats took part with several 3 generational families involved, and lots of kids racing. Several of the boats were older than the people racing them! Thanks to Gosport members for making us welcome. The next F/S event is the Marblehead Classic & Vintage weekend at Fleetwood 21/22 May. We look forward to seeing you all there.
  6. Nice to see that we have 2 entries from outside Fleetwood!! Any more interested? You will be most welcome Derek P.
  7. Hi Damian, Glad to see that you recognise the up coming anniversary!! A little history, for those interested! The Radio A's held their first Championship 62 years ago in1960 and use the Forbes Trophy as their Championship Trophy. (Given in 1931 by Alan Forbes of Boston for Open Water racing during the (F/S) A class Championship week) It has been & still is hotly contested with lots of well known names engraved on it (and some well known names missing!) The Radio A Nationals has mainly been held in the southern clubs, Poole, Gosport, YM6moa, (now Hampton Court, and Woodspring, but the class has ventured further north to Birkenhead, Fleetwood, Ashton Quays & Leeds & Bradford, but the standout most northerly venue has to be Castle Semple Scotland. One sailor said "it's the same latitude as Moscow!! The biggest entry was at MYSA Round Pond in 1993 when a whopping 42 boats took part and David Hollom triumphed racing a model 12metre from his Americas Cup design.
  8. One of our Fleetwood members, who was coming to the IOM Nats as a spectator, cannot now attend. He has a double room booked & paid for at the Paisley Premier Inn which he cannot cancel. If anyone would like to attend & would like the room he will accept reasonable offers. Contact Bobjolly7@sky.com Derek Priestley.
  9. Hi John, Yes agreed, but when they are new comers to racing the see the start line as a barrier they must not cross until GO!! so sometimes, in a panic, when they are early they bear away and run down the line into the path of the boats who are starting correctly. At Fleetwood club races, when I am racing, which is not often, I hang back so as not to get my start affected! and later I try to explain & train the "learners" that they can indeed cross the line and "go around again". Also I try to get them to practise their starting so that they have more control of their boats. Derek P
  10. Also agreed Mike, but................ if you have been stationary flapping for 40 secs a boat length from the line. and a boat arriving early bears away and runs into you I would argue that you have given that boat plenty of room & opportunity!!!
  11. Agreed Mike, but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it's also not acceptable to be "wiped out" by a boat running/reaching down n the line at speed when they could just sail over and re start.
  12. Hi Brad, Thanks for your answer. I'm not sure if the sails are "self certified" I was just told that they are signed. And I fully support, and am grateful for the kind help given to us from all our domestic suppliers. I was just asking a question...................... D
  13. I understand that it is possible to buy IOM sails from abroad, which come already signed. Can I put them on my IOM and not need to have them measured? If so, will this go some way to solving the measurement problem? Derek Priestley Fleetwood club member.
  14. Unfortunately this very scenario happens a lot at club racing. Boats arrive early with speed at the line, and seem to have the mindset not to cross the line but to bear away and run/reach down the line messing up the starts of those who CAN control their boats at a standstill half a boat length from the line. My soloution is to be a bit late to the line after they've gone so that my start is not affected and, try to train those early starters that they CAN cross the line and "go around again" and try to be better with their timing next time.
  15. On a lighter note............ As someone who raced in & placed 2nd, to my good friend John Cleave, in the first ever r/c 10r National at Poole in , I think 1976, I can offer the suggestion that more people are not racing the class is that although they are fabulous exciting boats to sail lots of us can no longer keep up with their speed!! if you race them on big open waters where they should be raced.
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