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  1. John Kiff


    Hi Darin Thanks I thought I had tried all conbinations. Regards JohnK
  2. John Kiff


    Hi All I have been looking in the Knowledge Base for the new sail Identification system as per the new Acquaint can not find "SIMRAG" can anybody point me in the right direction Thanks JohnK
  3. John Kiff


    Hi John Ball To many john's Thanks very much I have a Jig but it has adjustable knife edges so the boat is set on the designed waterline. There is a platform 65mm below the knife edge and a 5mm spacer must pass under the hull. A second platform 425mm from the knifeedge to check the draught.. This set up has the added advantage that the owner can see the ballast/fin But this method does not allow for variations in the water plain due to individual owners weight distribution. So it looks like I must build a tank similar to yours. The only other design I have looked at is the Croatian 2007 worlds tank very high tec. Regards JohnK
  4. John Kiff


    Hi John Thanks for your comment but the main reason for this thread is to find the best design for a tank and to formalize the method of using a tank. Not the cost of a tank as compared to the money currently being spent on a new boat it is a small %. Regards JohnK
  5. John Kiff


    Hi All I had intended to start this post over two weeks ago but forgot my pass word. It is now very important for me to clarify these points Is there a definitive Design and method for setting up and measuring a boat using a tank? As I understand it the boat must be floated with each rig and be in its normal sailing attitude to measure I have a copy of the MYA tank designed by Graham Bantock in 1990 Points to cover The overall length of the boat must be within 1000mm There is no plus tolerance The rudder must be within te length of the boat. The maximum moulded depth must be within 60mm no plus tolerance The maximum/minimum depth (draft) of the boat with each rig. From the waterline must be within 420mm/370mm again no plus or minus tolerance. What have I missed out or miss interprited. I need to make a Tank Help Regards JohnK
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