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Roger’s innovative designs have contributed to many features that members have on their current boats. He was the architect for the 1960s design revolution introducing bulb keels, light displacement, simple 2 part GRP moulded hull construction, wing masts, double luff sails, mylar sails, an ergonomic easily made vane gear, displacement penalty lightweight A class.

With radio he introduced una rigs, removable cassette radio gear, wire mast rings, the swing rig, kevlar hulls, carbon spars, hulls and fins, the BOTTLE boat, which was awarded a Millennium Products award by the Design Council.

Currently his designs still rate with the best and win Footy and Marblehead events.

He is experimenting with offset pivot swing rigs for smaller suits where the mast is mounted on a rotating bracket and not attached directly to the hull.

His designs feature simplicity in both concept and manufacture, whether it is a stainless steel wire bowsie or a Dyneema line mast ring. His boats are beautifully balanced, easy to sail and have given pleasure to a great many owners.

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