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2014 BOTTLE boat Championship- Results and report

BOTTLE Boats at Waldingford 2014 -  Image by Roger Stollery
BOTTLE Boats at Waldringfied 2014 – Image by Roger Stollery

A marvellous radio sailing event, with some spectacular performances, made this a day to remember for all 24 competitors, supporters and the many spectators that lined the banks of the beautiful River Deben.

 The scene

17 races were run at Waldringfield Sailing Club in ideal conditions: warm and sunny weather with a NNW wind blowing 4-10 mph against the tide, parallel to the shore in front of the clubhouse. These conditions allowed some spectacular offwind planes by these swing rig powered one designs. It also gave the opportunity to use the strong tide in the middle of the river for easy beating on the 120 m sausage course, sharing water with yachts, ten times as big, which were cruising by.

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