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  1. John, have you confirmed with MYA Council that there will definitely not be a trade show?
  2. "Vacant roles" should be a separate Forum topic. However, some quick points before returning to "Ready signed sails": "... the Newsletter" - haven't seen it for quite a while. Also, haven't seen it promoted recently via MYA website, Facebook, etc. Furthermore, communication with the members needs to be via multiple channels on a serious topic such as "... the members are apathetic" - if we are to assume that members are apathetic, then we need to ask "Why?". If Districts are functioning effectively, then what is the source of the apathy? Some serious questions need to be asked by Council members of themselves to address this point and how they propose to engage and motivate the membership. Only then will members be interested in filling vacant roles. "Sad really." - fully agree. Now can we get back to the topic - measurement of sails and why the demotivating rigmarole of needing RYA certification of MYA Measurers when the MYA has been running modelling yachting for over one hundred years?
  3. JohnO

    Sail Number Stencils

    I bought an excellent set of IOM sail number stencils, IOM insignia and permanent marker pens from BG Sails and Design. Besides your two digit sail number, it is worth considering also purchasing a “1” as well. Tip - I taped the digit templates together such that the tape aligns the digits and also helps prevent the permanent ink from capillarying beneath the stencil and smudging edges.
  4. By virtue of its agreed Constitution, the Scottish District has an elected committee of four posts - District Chair, District Secretary, District Racing Secretary and District Senior Measurer. As per our Constitution, MYA members are formally nominated and subsequently elected at the Scottish District AGM. These roles have been in place for many, many years. The management model has stood the test of time forming an effective team running Scottish District business for the benefit of its constituent clubs and members in Scotland and Northern Ireland. The use of the term "District Senior Measurer" as used/not used by the MYA may be different from that of the Scottish District. Our system works.
  5. JohnO

    RMG sail winch

    Hi Andy. Recommend you contact Bill Green: 0121 705 4478 info@smartwinchuk.co.uk
  6. Acetone. If you cannot source it, then use nail varnish remover. The nail varnish remover pads are needed. NB These materials also remove inked-on sail numbers.
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