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  1. Neil D

    Almost New 95

    Hi Steve many thanks for first refusal. I would like to buy th e boat. Can you either. Email me or message me to finalise payments etc. Neil
  2. Neil D


    Hi Steve did you get the message?
  3. Neil D


    Cheers Steve, have sent you a message.
  4. Neil D


    Hi Steve could be interested. Do you have more9nfo, some pics, and of course price please. thanks neil
  5. Neil D


    Hi could be depending on price and location. thanks]Neil
  6. Neil D


    Wanted df95 full package, 4 sails, bags etc. no need for trans/ rec. But everything else.
  7. Neil D

    Britpop deck patches

    Cheers Brad, I’ve sent email to bgsailing, if that’s not ok let me know. your help is very generous (considering you sell patches!) and much appreciated. Neil
  8. Just got Britpop and am looking for a drawing file with the deck patches on, so that I can cut them out with a vinyl cutting machine. Can anyone help? Any ideas?
  9. Brilliant, got it now, many thanks
  10. Is this still available. Can’t seem to find it!
  11. Serious question! Looking through comments above, my belief was that after each ‘penalty’ turn if you still have an advantage in the race, you do another turn, however I notice this has been quoted as including an advantage in the series of races. So if the infringed boat is your main rival in a series, and you were in first and second place, and after having taken a turn, you have lost much ground, but the infringed boat is now in last place and you finish 6 places above him. Surely you have gained an advantage in the series?
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