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  1. Riv Have a look at the 6M website ( http://sixmetresailing.weebly.com/ ), There is an article on planking a hull which I think has details of the planks the author uses.
  2. Sorry, but not seeing any pictures!
  3. John Not knowing a lot about the 'A' Class would it be possible to list the various designs and corresponding sail numbers so I can identify the yachts. Thank you. Eric
  4. Michael another example from same site:- http://www.ibextrax.com/Boats/pages/GBR3754_05.htm This time it is Brad Gibsons 'Pop' Regards Eric
  5. Michael take a look at this:- http://www.ibextrax.com/Boats/pages/CAN276_23.htm The elastic is the purple band going round bottom of boom. Fishing elastic is the best material to use as it seems to survive longer on the yacht. By doing it this way you can remove the elastic when storing sails in box or bag, hence sails sit flatter. The web site this photo is on is good reference for alternative ways of rigging as there are galleries for 62 different yachts. Eric
  6. Richard Look at Marblehead Class Rules section J.1 (In the 2018 edition) and there is a drawing of the gauge. The Max length is less than 660mm but not by much. Eric
  7. This topic has made me review my own history of IOM sailing. So my progression of designs sailed is:- 1st Jaz by Graham Bantock 2nd Tonic by Alex Austin 3rd Lintel by Dave Creed 4th Psycho by Barry Chisam 5th Britpop by Brad Gibson Now each boat was purchased as they were available at the right price and at the right time. In most cases each boat was an improvement on the previous, probably the only mistake was the Lintel, Great boat in the conditions that suited it but I struggled to master sailing it in light air which we get a lot of in Loughborough but in a blow (top of each rig) it was almost untouchable and could hang on to larger rig when other designs needed to change down. The Lintel improved when a new rig was fitted, at another members suggestion this was raised a little. The Jaz was improved when I replaced the 'A' rig completely using a round mast rather than Groovy with a set of Stealth sails. This rig was moved to the Tonic which I absolutely loved (Still own it), this is a great light air boat but proved to be a better all-rounder for me. As it was an ageing design it was semi-retired by the Lintel, it was used at times when conditions were light. I decided at that point the Lintel needed to go as racing two different boat designs at the same time was not good and both were replaced by the Psycho. The Psycho is a great boat which if set up correctly is a quick boat, just seems to have a narrower performance band compared to its replacement a Britpop. Replacement sails on the Psycho returned the boat to the initial speed when purchased. I would still be sailing this boat if a Britpop had not become available from a club member giving up sailing. The Britpop opened my eyes to the difference having a top design with lots of set up information. I find that the boat is fast even if not fully tuned, it could probably do with a set of replacement sails. I have purchased all the components to build a new ‘A’ & ‘B’ rig so will be able to compare new to old. If anyone can tell me where to buy some enthusiasm to get on with the build I would appreciate it. I'm still a novice Britpop owner as only purchased last year, it has spent a great deal of time gathering dust. To sum up the replacement boats were all good but also replacing sails was a route to a faster boat. I suspect I’m guilty of using sails past their use by date. I also feel it is important to use a rig box as I only started with a box with the last two boats, I’m certain a lot of sail damage to earlier boats sails happened in transit or getting out or putting them into a rig bag. Even fitting the rig to the boat in a breeze I think is more damaging than the actual sailing. Would be interested in others boat history and comments on each design.
  8. I think this is possibly the pulley I used:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/60mm-Round-U-Groove-Nylon-Pulley-Wheel-Roller-Various-Groove-Size-High-quality/263191313225?hash=item3d476cbb49:g:Z4cAAOSwPpZaLGTC Just Check to see if you can improve on postage elsewhere or for three pulley's if you decide to use this pulley as £3-50 postage on a £2-20 item seems a bit high. (Can't imagine I would have paid that)
  9. Size of pulley I purchased was total outside diameter 60mm suitable for 12mm rope and approximately 45mm diameter rope runs on. I'm sure others will have own idea's, but seems to work OK for me. This size was chosen to suit 11.1mm PG mast material. If you want to bend 12mm mast material you may need to adjust width as I think the width for rope is just under 12mm. Good luck with design, you may want to restrict side movement of centre pulley which is a minor modification that I need to achieve with my design to improve repeatability of pre-bend. I have bent four masts myself and club members have also used it as makes little sense for all within club to build a bender for number of times it gets use. I have also used it to remove pre-bend before re-bending a mast to suit sails.
  10. Just Google 'nylon pulley wheels'. I purchased mine off ebay, a quick look and they still seem to be available with either plain bore (which I used) or with bearings which seemed over the top to me as it is only low speed operation. There is a topic on the Forum with photo's of different benders some having wooden wheels.
  11. Darin, just wondered if you have got round to building a mast bending roller jig?
  12. If there is a metal reinforcing strip I would have thought it would be marine grade stainless steel as you would not want it to corrode causing expansion and ultimately a problem with the fibre glass. If it is marine grade stainless it will not generally be magnetic, lesser grades (like used on a lot of cutlery) may well be magnetic. Have you tried to see if a magnet sticks to the deck above the track? Just interested as spend sometime at work looking at degrees of galvanic corrosion and corrosion for offshore platform use. (Salt water causes a lot of problems)
  13. Pardon my ignorance but does this actually need to be magnetic? Surely this is just sliding into a fibre glass track? If this is the case could you just use say brass rod 4mm dia and cut to length plus drilling the required hole? A little more effort but a cheap easily obtained solution. If it needs to be magnetic can you please explain.
  14. Try MYA Web site; https://mya-uk.org.uk/kb/start-countdown-recordings/ Hope that is what you want. Eric
  15. The cheap and cheerful solution I have used in the past is to print the number on paper in the desired font and then cut to the required size and attach to the hull with clear packaging tape. Virtually zero cost and stands out as you can always print on coloured paper to suit hull.
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