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  1. Thankyou for your observations. Battery changing is not an issue as one charge is more than enough for our club mornings. I will do as suggested and stick with a patch but fit a deck switch so I don't have to lift the patch to turn on when I get to the lake in case it's raining and the patch won't stick 'cos it's wet. One day I might fit a pot in the style of the Sailsetc solution and use the rudder servo patch for ventilation. Incidentally I have two fan belts fixed to my garage roof that go round the fin and support the hull vertically so any water can drain from the bow hole which greatly speeds up drying. Cheers Trevor
  2. Hi Dave As you can see the winch is deck mounted so large access is required. Maybe a clip on GRP hatch would facilitate post sail ventilation as well. Maybe a deck patch is simpler? Cheers Trevor
  3. Hi I have just acquired this boat and note that the winch is in front of the mast. Other pictures I have seen have both servos in front of the mainsheet post under a circular cover. Does it make a difference who built the hull as to where things go? Cheers Trevor
  4. Hi I am overhauling my Cockatoo which has the radio and battery fixed inside the hull with velcro under a square deck patch. I'm thinking there must be an access method that doesn't involve taking the patch off every time. Cheers Trevor
  5. Have you tried e-Magnets UK | Online Magnet Manufacturer and Supplier (e-magnetsuk.com) ?
  6. I don't quite follow what you are saying. The ESC must be plugged into the Throttle slot on the RX or it wont receive a signal. Nothing is plugged into the RX battery slot unless you have a separate battery for the TX in which case the Red lead from the ESC must be disconnected. This is from the Spektrum manual.
  7. Either you have something plugged into the Receiver wrong or the Transmitter is set up wrong. Has this setup ever worked? Is it all new to you? Perhaps you could pull all the servos out of the RX and plug the throttle servo/ESC into each position until it works. The TX can do some clever stuff with channel mapping so you may need to do a reset and start from scratch. If you don't have them the manuals are available to download. Cheers Trevor
  8. Trevor

    Sheeting Out System

    Oh well it was a good idea while it lasted. My ISIS goes from 10th in the fleet to 3rd in light airs so I can’t complain! Now perhaps if I oil the gooseneck .......
  9. Trevor

    Sheeting Out System

    Following a very light air day it occurred to me that a system to fully sheet out the main sail would be jolly useful but I wonder if the rules allow such a thing. Rule C.5.4 (c) States:- Except where achieved by mechanical systems, automated control of rig and/or sails and automated steering and/or navigation are prohibited. Would a shock cord system that kept the main sheet under tension be allowed I wonder? Cheers Trevor
  10. Thanks for that. I found a you tube vid with a step through. I had been in the right place but hadn't changed the values by enough to make the servo move! I am building an RC yacht rescue boat that needs three channels for the "jet drive", two for the electric ducted fan (backup propulsion and artificial wind) and the sixth for the hand that grabs the shroud! Cheers Trevor
  11. When I plug the servo into AUX (Channel 6) on the RX it moves a little so I know it is active but I can't figure out how to control it from the TX! Nothing in the manual that I can see. Cheers Trevor
  12. Hi Darin. That's where it is at the moment so the long aerial can go down the aerial tube that's just under the deck.
  13. Hi FRA Not sure the drain hole is a good idea, at least not on mine as the pot is only just off the keel! I did contemplate not having a pot, velcroing the (sealed) battery to the keel (makes it adjustable ballast) and mounting the RX (waterproof anyway) on top. Cheers Trevor
  14. Hi Crashard Yes the DX6i does have a comprehensive throttle curve function but only if you are using the Helicopter programs! One of the first programming steps is to choose which Model Type, ACRO or HELI. That does beg the question as to whether Helicopter mode will work for sailing. If I get desperate for more subtle control I might try that! Cheers Trevor
  15. OK now I've got Exponential set up on the Rudder and I've also discovered the dual rate/expo switch so I have 30% set on position 0 and 60% on 1 so I can experiment. Sadly the sheets are on the Throttle channel which has no exponential facility!
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