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  1. Notice of race for French Nationals 2022 (June 3/6th) is available on club website. https://www.clubnautiquesainthilaire.com/about-3 Entries open online. Fantastic place, with walking possible all around the lake. We had a fantastic event there during 2016 Nationals ! https://goo.gl/maps/PnPSr3rno6Rm7Ayw9
  2. Darin, on that link : https://www.sailing.org/90748.php then P4
  3. It's called Kwik twist http://www.amazon.com/DU-BRO-Kwik-Twist-Fishing-Tool/dp/B00BK7OR6K
  4. Hi Darin, looks like a tough week end ! Some thoughts : 1 If E66 is not modified in SI, then yes you have to retire because of a break to hope getting redress after such entanglement. 2 My head hurts... 3 In last leg BB2 can get a redress in place, but here there was no boat disabled so he can't. If you finish penalty behind BB2, there is no advantage. So I don't understand observer's call Except if he is still in irons and you are sailing. 4 Yes observer can observe this, and an umpire could ask for another penalty.
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