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  1. The "Us" by the way is everyone as the we are all the MYA, not just the council. Unfortunately I feel that whilst there are a small number of vocal volunteers, that the membership as a whole does not wish to get involved with the running of the sport and experience tells me that feedback is very difficult to obtain- maybe a list of vacant roles would help people to understand some of the difficulties.
  2. Maybe my earlier post needs clarifying, but the role of the MYA is to allow skippers to race to a common set of rules across the UK. This may now be a little outdated but was the original reason for its formation as there were differing scoring and racing systems before and during its early formative years. The common rules we use are the RRS and the Class rules (whether International, National, or one design), alongside MYA participation rules for the larger events.
  3. Hi Paul/ Steve, I think that a clubs rules re measurement are up to the club and its members, but I would be very wary of trying to introduce any two tier system. I feel that the whole reason for the MYA's existence is to create racing of a common set of rules and regs across the UK and a sensible common approach to all aspects of racing encourages participation across the various districts and countries. As to wait individuals consider sensible is unfortunatley variable ....... Darin
  4. Probably worth mentioning that if you sail back through the line for a "2nd" finish that this will be recorded and you may have to explain the reason for this to the race team. Also that if you have finished and interfere with a boat still racing you will find yourself in trouble...
  5. Another good boat design for someone new to the sport
  6. Hi, After 3GRS 2.4ghz transmitter and receiver if anyone has one? thanks Darin
  7. I think an update on the current thinking/position would be very useful so that we can all see the direction of travel, even if we appear to be going slowly it would be beneficial to the members to know the destination. I understood that online was the route for non displacement classes?
  8. Measurement, its requirement, process and protocols are a large and sometimes subjective topic with many differing opinions. Probably very difficult to discuss within an online forum, but to get back to the OP I think the question relates to what currently happens to a boat that is registered in a country that differs from that of its initial (fundamental) measurement. Does a 2nd hand boat that is imported need to be re measured, or, is it just re registered as would happen for a change of ownership? If the later then the logic to me would be that a measured sail signed by an IRSA member country would be ok. Regarding signed sails I wonder why more suppliers do not provide a service to get these signed by a measurer as part of the purchase price? I am not involved with the process so dont understand the hassle that this brings but I would have thought that a bolt on service would be welcomed and those wishing to use it would pay a premium for the service. Darin
  9. I have found that newer skippers sometimes do not understand that they are allowed to cross the line... The other element that isnt always considered is how late you can bail out and go round again, its amazing how far an RC boat can go in 10 seconds. As Derek and Graham have said, practice and your own starting strategy are the best plans for the start line, trying to get others to avoid you can be very frustrating, although I would add that a lot of the time the race officer should also consider why boats are running down the line, as a good line bias allows most skippers to hold their boats in reasonable order.
  10. Thanks Brad/Richard, From what you are saying there is (obviously) a difference but I am seeing that the difference in measurement technique assuming a degree of competence from the measurer is not going to make as significant a difference as the build quality and skipper ability. And is not something that we should get too hung up on. From a performance point of view I would suspect that a decent rig and keeping my boat dry would have a bigger impact than losing the last mm of WL. Cheers
  11. Dumb question from a non technical person.... If a boat of a similar design has a waterline length of say 5mm more or 5 mm less so a tolerance of +/-5mm what is the sail area difference? Darin
  12. Thats why i prefer nylon bushes- because I'm lazy and dont dry my rigs out as I should...
  13. Hi Gordon, Can you point to where the interpretation you mention is shown. There is still a feeling that it is advantage against an individual boat not the fleet position. Darin.
  14. I dont think this is an attempt to break up anything, and suggesting so just dilutes the discussion. This is about an ICA debating important matters on direction with its members.
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