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  1. I've used transmitter muffs for model flying and now sailing for over 40 years, in all weathers, Catsails and many other companies do them, much warmer than useable gloves in my opinion :-)
  2. The winch is also a servo.
  3. Thanks Mike. Nice to see someone else agreeing with my system of discards "Using the 'half the number of events in a series plus one' calculation" (rounded down where necessary)
  4. I would say no. When the behind boat has got back on track at similar speed to before the collision then it is no longer disadvantaged compared to the ahead boat.
  5. Look at my yacht on friday, it has some elastic in parallel with the topping lift to take up the slack in a gust.
  6. Everybody forgets the course at some time. A did not impinge on B in any way, and had already sailed further than required. B would not have been thinking "by going to a hearing, everybody may learn", when he protested, more likely "I can gain an advantage here" by protesting. Perfectly within his rights to protest BUT in this particular case I think it remains bad sportsmanship if he had pressed his point :-)
  7. Sounds like amazingly poor sportsmanship by the protester :-)
  8. Put a very slightly soapy solution on the deck first then you can slide the patch around and get it in the right position with no wrinkles etc, then leave to dry for a day before use.
  9. Laurie, it all depends on where you sail, and who you sail with. If you sail somewhere there hardly ever has strong winds OR nobody else has a C rig then I why bother buying a C rig ! I only bought a C rig as I entered the DF95 Nationals and I didn't want to turn up for a very windy weekend with travel and hotel costs and not be able to sail. Was it windy ? No. Have I used the C rig yet ? No . Does anyone else in the two clubs I sail at have a C rig ? unlikely. On the other matters raised above, the great thing about the DF65 and DF95 is that we all have the same boat. With both my clubs having members who started getting IOM Britpops, and now a Marblehead Grunge, it starts a bit of an "arms race" and there is no doubt that using boats such as these does give an advantage (other things being equal) over your average secondhand IOM or Marblehead. It's all good fun though :-)
  10. Leaky 95 ? I presume you also realised that the keel box area is fully sealed off from the inside of hull and therefore can not be a source of a leak - if you mean there is water getting into the hull itself :-)
  11. Hi Michael, I reckon I get less friction, and certainly less trouble, with my Marblehead that does NOT have a ball race on the swing rig. See you at the pond one day
  12. Thanks very much for the reply Bill, message understood. If I can get hold of one I certainly would like to try it, we previously had a couple of guys in our club that used to beat us with shroudless, but the are/were very good sailors.
  13. I have a Starkers cubed with a swing "A" rig, but enjoyed sailing with the shroudless "B" rig in windier conditions, would a shroudless "A" rig work ok on the Starkers ? Do you have any recomendations ?
  14. I posted a link above, repeated here , second row of batteries: https://www.vapextech.co.uk/batteries/radio-control/6v-6-6v/
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