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  1. You could always add a knitted bow bumper which might not be accepted by modern class rules but provides at least some protection. It really needs to be fixed well in place such that it does not get pushed out of the way. You can find them on ebay and model shops. It has a quite nice vintage look which does not ruin entirely the look of a Vintage yacht
  2. https://www.blue-bird-model.com/products/12_15.htm Hi guys, it has been a while since there has been anything new on the market. I have come across these powerful sail winches. On paper the specifications are impressive and they are cheap. I have not been able to find any user experiences on these on the internet. Does anyone know more about them or using one? It is almost too good to be true… 44kg/cm torque and 0.48s per turn!!
  3. Hi Alf, would the owner be interested in selling her? i would recommend a book by curved air press that discusses restoring old pond yachts. It is available on the sails etc website. do you have any photos of the boat to see what she needs?
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