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3 and 4 minute countdown on mp3

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Hi David,

not sure why you would want 3 or 4 minute timer for RC racing, as Appendix E specifies a two minute sequence, and the last minute has specific requirements (see below).

You may download the AMYA 2 and 1 minute sequences here  https://www.theamya.org/start-tapes.asp

We use the 1 minute for most of our racing to speed up heats. There used to be an AMYA 5 minute timer for holds but that has disappeared.

You could use sound editing software and edit and splice multiple copies of the first minute of the two minute sequence in front of the full two minutes to build your 3 and 4 minute versions.


E3.4 Starting and Finishing

(a) Rule 26 is changed to:Heats shall be started using warning, preparatory and starting signals at one-minute intervals. During the minute before the starting signal, additional sound or oral signals shall be made at ten-second intervals, and during the final ten seconds at one second intervals. Each signal shall be timed from the beginning of its sound.

John Ball

IOM CAN 307 (V8)

In my private capacity

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On 04/12/2023 at 22:37, Stephen B said:

1 timer looks good for free app, two min or one min otions

 good to have on phone for small practices with mates before club racing starts…

thank you, and with a blue tooth speaker would be good

The app is great. One problem we had either the Bluetooth speaker was that the speaker switched off between the countdown voices and always cut off the beginning of the next voice.

probably this is speaker specific. I have not tried it with a different speaker yet.


the app is really great though

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