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Potential 10R sailor


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There is no max length of course but the sail area penalty starts to bite once you go over about 1350.  The problem with a long boat is how to make it competitive in light airs.  I generally leave the Bentley at home in the light stuff and have recently made a '10R' swing rig for my Starkers Marblehead.  I now have two very competitive boats; as long as I sail the right one for the conditions.

To make a long boat fast in light airs then you obviously need a low drag hull form, so something with round sections to keep the wetted area low and perhaps a light displacement?  You also need to make the most of the sail area you are allowed, so an efficient rig is called for.  Tempting to go for max luff, narrow foot and wide head, (to get the area high (where the wind is stronger) but this compromises the lower rigs thanks to the silly 10R rules.  I've been toying with ideas for wing masts / fully battened sail but haven't yet found a good solution to 'popping' the camber when you tack in light winds.  

I made a Gothic Marblehead and wasn't too impressed with it's light airs performance.  It was however my first attempt at CF moulding and came out quite heavy so probably more my fault than the designer's.

I used to sail Contenders (a long time ago now) and many new owners were dismayed when the measurers insisted on drilling a hole through their pristine wooden foredecks to check the thickness of the ply used!

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You've hit the nail on the head, John, regarding light airs performance. I have discovered, possibly the "B" obvious, that there are other factors that apply to shortening the WL that do not have the same relative effect at full size.  I also suspect that a  Marblehead is the way to go, as you have done. I have sailed Pieces of 8 with a One Metre (2.3Kg) ballast ,on max length fin, in light winds and seems to work ok.

I began to look at wing sails and there are plenty of scale modellers who have made them. But not to race. I wanted a full wing shape with hinged trailing edge. Super efficient but also super complicated. So many bits required to maintain the camber all the way up that the whole thing becomes too heavy and complex. Once again; so much easier full size. Popping a semi soft sail is tricky and takes power off just when you need it.

I like the pocket luff rigs and there is scope to develop in that area.

What happened to your Gothic hull ? Did you build over a foam core ? Any pics ? The reason for my interest is my dormant project for a foiling hull. The old carbon Kevlar M hull that I acquired as a "skip job"  has too much volume and is a very old design. Wish I had not sold my Starkers, also acquired as "needing work".  Have you tried a lighter ballast on the Starkers for light winds ? could be interesting.


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