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  1. Well after some thought, plus taking in the advise from everyone, thanks to all. Im going with PDA Winches, the use of a Micro rudder servo and lightweight Lipo batteries. Loosing 100 grams is a realistic target when your just changing the radio configuration of my RM. Im sure increased sailing performance can be achieved. JT
  2. Hi Everybody I am looking for a particular winch that I saw early last year. Produced somewhere in Europe and similar in shape and style to a Titan Winch. Please can anyone direct me to identifying the suppliers of this winch. A few people in the Scottish District have switched to these winches and using them in their IOMs. I want to try one in a Marblehead. Regards JT
  3. A continued appeal to all, Over the past 12 months, I have been trying to track down the current owner of my wooden proto-type 'Drisky', 6 meter class yacht. I am trying to locate this boat, with the hope it may be returned to myself. So far, it is believed the Drisky yacht is still in the UK. However, it has not been seen actively sailing for many years. The yacht is possibly gathering dust in someones garage / shed. Nothing has been viewed on the internet or Ebay. I have appealed on other forums but so far little progress has been made. If anyone has knowledge of my previous wooden Drisky, (6 Meter Class), I would be grateful to hear from you. Regards, JT Contact email: johnmtaylor69@yahoo.com
  4. Val, Once the pictures are displayed, I am interested in possibly purchasing one of those vanes you have. Regards, JT
  5. Morning Ross, Looking at the flare at the bow and the foil configuration, I think your boat is a previous design from David Creed, who would have constructed the boat many years ago. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the design but maybe a predecessor of the Lintel? Good Luck JT
  6. Just thought I would share some photos with you all. JT
  7. Dave, Good luck with the build. Damian is building a new boat which has revised lines from the Drisky. Looks like I am going to miss out again because of work. Regards, JT
  8. Gents, I have managed to locate the gentleman who previously bought my old 6 meter (Drisky). Mr Jim Garner, thankfully answered my initial message on this forum. Unfortunately, the boat was sold on Ebay sometime ago (2009?). Therefore, I have to continue with my search. Jim thinks the Drisky yacht could be towards the north of the UK. I know my old yacht is not actively sailing in Scotland, so my search continues. Additionally, if anyone has any information that may help, Ie: Ebay or in someones shed, I would be grateful for your assistance. Regards, JT
  9. If memory serves me well the gentleman's name who I sold my boat to was called Mr Gardener. He then sailed in a Dabblers club race of which there is a picture of the event. Since then there has been nothing. The yacht has not appeared anywhere for years to my knowledge. My concern is that the boat maybe left gathering dust in someones garage or worse. I would like to recover my previous boat if possible. Regards JT
  10. Good Evening Some years ago (2008), I sold my wooden proto-type 'Drisky' yacht to a member of the Southwater Dabblers club. I have emailed the club officials but I have had no reply. Basically, I am wanting to find out what has happened to my previous boat. I have not seen or heard from the owner since I let the yacht go. If anyone has knowledge of my previous wooden Drisky (6m), I would be grateful to hear from you. (Picture attached) Contact email: johnmtaylor69@yahoo.com Regards, JT
  11. After recent discussions with my building colleague, we have decided to dust off the Drisky plug, with the intention to spend the time developing the design. Next year we hope to produce a boat with a few simple changes. After competing in 2 previous championships and finishing in the top 3 on each occasion, I guess we owe the design some development time. Inspiration has come through reading about new designs being launched soon. Let see how we can compete in the future. JT Information can be found on the website: www.taylormadeyachts.com
  12. Saturday Racing started with a light but steady breeze from the northwest, the sunshine provided the perfect conditions. 3 entries to the event was all that Fleetwood could manage but racing was allowed to continue. A couple more entries would have forced the Race Officer to call 2 fleets There were some close racing at times, Derek Priestley with his famous 'Hard Tack' proto-type design enjoyed the most success, but he was closely followed by Dave Stewart, sailing his 'Dave Hollom' design upgrade from the 'Hard Tack' series. Dave Stewart's yacht is much lighter in displacement (12kgs) compared to other established designs. Results: 1st Derek Priestley, 2nd Dave Stewart and 3rd John Taylor. Sunday There was a much better turn out for this event. A large fleet of 5 yachts sailed towards the start line for the first race. The Race Officer again was undecided if he should call 2 fleets and weather our scoring system would cope with the overload. Infact during the weekend the count down system had to be re-calibrated, due to being over used. Still good clean racing was observed during this event. Not a shout, scream or swear was to be heard from the skippers taking part. By lunchtime there had been some close racing, Roy Stevens and Derek Priestley were tied in 1st place with John Taylor closely following behind. In the afternoon though Roy Stevens, sailing a Sweet 9 design yacht managed to achieve some creditable scores, achieving a top 2 finish in 4 out of the last 5 races. Derek Priestley, consistently was always challenging throughout the day. A good performance from Damian Ackroyd was observed sailing another upgraded version of Dave Holloms 'Hard Tack' design. Damian won 2 of the 11 races completed during the day. Results: 1st Roy Stevens, 2nd Derek Priestley, 3rd Dave Stewart, 4th Damian Ackroyd, 5th John Taylor. Fleetwood hopes for a better effort from all A-Class enthusiast come the National Championships in August. Thanks to all those that traveled, because if it wasn't for these people, this event wouldn't have happened.
  13. To all RA-Class Skippers, I find it difficult to understand why a 2 day event at Fleetwood this weekend is not appealing to all you A-Class enthusiasts. Four weeks ago Hampton Court had 22 entries for a days racing, yet only a handful can be bothered to turn up to Fleetwood. Surely all you enthusiast should be itching to race, after your A-Class yachts haven't seen the water in a month? For everyone who has an A-Class but keeps it at home without a sound and creditable excuse for racing this weekend, should think I have let down the class and the hosting club. Excuses like: I am sailing my IOM, We are going away for the weekend, just doesn't cut it!!! I ask the Class Captain, please do more!! JT Entries for Fleetwood this weekend to Derek Priestley, Email: yottyderek@tiscali.co.uk
  14. John Taylor


    Guys There has been a lot said over the last couple of days within the 'Southwestern District' over the measuring tank issue. Within this district there is only one measuring tank in existence and I believe it's located at the Poole club. Now it's not very practical if you live in Falmouth and you wish for your IOM to be measured. If you take John Kiff's stance, it's creditable that he wants to make a measuring tank but should it come from his expense, the expense of skippers who want their yachts measured, or from the governing bodies who create and police the class legislation? Is it not the responsibility of the IOMICA / MYA to provide the correct tools and equipment? JT
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