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  1. In order to get more boats on the water we have decided to offer a few kits at significant discount. I currently have 2 kitsets available for £125 each. Please contact me if you are interested in working with us to help gain experience.
  2. Hi Eric, quick update. I delivered a fully built boat yesterday and there are several boats being built in kit form. I've several kits available. There are none registered in the UK at present but several in NZ. I've not done as much club level racing as I'd like because I'm busy with this project. However, on one recent club race day I saw the potential of this design and won two races straight off and was often in the top 3 boats throughout the day. I was racing against a range of modern designs including K2, Kantun S, MX20, MX16 and a few older designs. The setup question is very pertinent as it took me some time to get the setup right and interestingly the mast ram provided the final bit of tuning. The potential of this boat is huge but the big issue is that the hull, as it comes off the printer, takes too much effort to finish. Glass cloth, resin and filler are used at present and I'm about to begin experimenting with 2 pack Polyurethane as a finish coat. The biggest issue we have right now is the lack of suitable winches. I've 3 orders waiting for RMG winches.
  3. I have a complete hull kit in green for sale. I also will have 1 kit in bone white in the next few days. I have Dave Creed fins and rudders available which with a small modification to the fin head will fit this design perfectly. If you are interested please email me or call me on 07966490048. My personal boat has been raced lightly and has produced some good results at local level and confirms the potential in this innovative hull. I will also have a couple of development hulls, white or yellow, that are in various stages of completion which are complete but have minor visual imperfections which will become available in the next week or so.
  4. Thursday 16 December saw the pre production prototype D6 reach the water for the first time. Winds were very very light but the early indications are that the boat is very well balanced. The boat is currently some 200g underweight and we don't anticipate any issues in getting production boats to 4kg with a little ballast. The pre production boat is considered a trials boat and will not be for sale at any stage. batch 1 boats will be white. Rigs - the trial boat is currently sailing on modified Sedici Rigs and apart from some minor modification of the gooseneck and cutting the mast to fit the deck stepped arrangement A product update. Our plan is to have 6 fully finished boat hulls, inc fin and ballast, by the end of January 2022. These are not kit boats but fully finished boats ready for electronics and rigs. We have 6 hulls at 60% complete at this time and by the end of Dec should have all 3d printing for this first batch complete. Boat 1 - Paul Barton Boat 2 - Brian Tanner Boat 3 - Julian Richards Boat 4 - available end Jan 2022 - £850 Boat 5 - available end Jan 2022 - £850 Boat 6 - available end Jan 2022 - £850 Batch 2 will be 10 boats and should be available by 1 April
  5. We are working very closely with Neil Deverell in NZ and hope to bring a new and robust 3D printed IOM to market. We are hoping to have 5 production spec hulls on the water later this year and we'll bring you updates as they happen. The pre-production (mule) is shortly to begin testing and we'll update you soon.
  6. Hi I'm delighted to say that I've agreed with the designer in NZ to print 3d IOM boat kits for final self assembly. First one is about to hit the water in the UK and delivery is expected to be around 4 weeks. Message me for further details or visit https://www.3dprintedrcyachts.co.uk/
  7. Hi I'm just starting out on this quest. We have a club member who is quite disabled physically. He currently sails a Hansa at international level and wants to try his hand at RC sailing. Has anyone modified a Tx for very limited range of movement. We're not talking about putting all controls onto one stick here. He sails his hansa by a sequence of pushes on buttons with the back of his hand (i think). I'm going to approach the people who make the control system for the hansa as well. Warm regards Paul
  8. I'm trying to find out what level of insurance cover MYA affiliation provides. The policy talks about £5 million but I'm just after clarification Warm regards Paul barton
  9. Thanks Chris your suggestion is very helpful
  10. We have a really good problem at the www.CotswoldModelYachtclub.co.uk because we've seen very significant growth in the last year and we now face the problem of having a fleet where we have 15 boats on the startline. If we get much bigger we will be knocking on 18-20 in a few months. My question is how should we best manage the fleet. It's a bi weekly fleet of 'small boats' comprising 10+ DF65 with a few affinity and one 3d printed RG65. I've looked at HMS but it seems too complicated and doesn't seem to work for a series where people drop in and drop out. We've heard of people splitting the fleet into A and B fleets and promoting boats from one fleet to another at the end of the year or even monthly. So open to ideas please.
  11. Repaired winch on its way back. Motor and pot replaced. Old switch is toast so new one on order. Progress is being made. Just need to check hull thoroughly for historical hairline cracks. Any ideas how to find them. Wondered about using a dye? Paul
  12. Hi Steve how is the build going - any pictures paul
  13. Story so far. Day 1 The Rx and rudder servo and LiFe battery are removed and disposed of. Rudder servo powered on but was clearly seized. LiFe battery was showing signs of corrosion on main connectors and balance plug. The RX was seriously corroded. The Rudder linkage was damaged at some time and has been removed. New Futaba rudder servo fitted and tested. Radio pot removed and recess cleaned up RMG Smart switch and RMG 280 ES winch removed and returned for service (dried out but not powered up). Will be interested to see how the so called waterproof switch has suffered being submerged for 72 hours. All deck patches removed and hull cleaned ready for reapplication. Boat hull and internals inspected and cleaned ready for reassembly. keel checked and stored B rig was on the boat when it sank and the ball-raced gooseneck was showing signs of corrosion and was feeling rough when rotated. Disassembled and regreased with silicone grease. Gooseneck is noted for replacement in due course. The intention is to fit lightweight grp patches to all foredeck openings which will necessitate fitting small landing pads at the corners and midway along long sides. I've ordered 0.5mm grp sheets to facilitate this. Once they are shaped and landings fitted these will be covered with new deck patches and stuck down. I anticipate the weight penalty will be about 50 grams but the confidence will be well worth it.
  14. Thanks Darin, I'll see if we can do a small scale trial. Paul
  15. On the plus side a metre of weed cushioned my IOM ASBO that recently sank at the Cotswold Model Yacht Club lake. The downside is that its formed a 1m deep layer at the bottom of our lake and thats in winter. The CSC dye the lake in spring and summer but we have to find a way to control this weed. Has anyone tried using a thick plastic sheet, weighted down with paving slabs to stop the light getting to the site of the weed growth. Our lake is relatively shallow and flat and it might work. Anyone tried it?
  16. A quick update. The ASBO has surfaced with some help from the marvelous Cotswold Model Yacht Club members (Barry Trueman and Garry Stevenson in particular), Swindon Sub Aqua Club divers (x2). Thanks to the outstanding build quality and design from Barry Chisam the hull appears to be in good condition. The electrics and electronics are less good and will need a complete overhaul. What is clear is that the yellow #8 will sail again. Thanks too go to the myriad people, MYA members, Builders, Designers and fellow IOM sailors all over the world who have offered and given great support and its clear to me that this sailing community is more about family than winning: OK on the water winning might take pride of place but off the water its a great team. Simon Clarke deserves a special mention for lending me one of his spare boats and I'm most grateful to him. I've started to look for a new boat in any case and have several feelers out for a replacement. Of note the divers from Swindon Sub Aqua Club are happy to assist with diving lead recovery of boats and are prepared to travel upto 45 minutes from Swindon to assist. I can't recommend them highly enough. I'll put up so pictures of the recovery in due course in a separate thread. Also I'll make the repair/restoration of the boat a separate thread to encourage any readers. The winch will need some TLC and the remainder of the system will be replaced. All in all a tough day at the lake but one with a happy ending. Why not come and visit us at the lake and I promise to keep my boat on the water not under it.
  17. we are looking at all sorts of options. My insurance looks like it might payout. I can't get over the feeling of watching a great boat take a nose dive and not come up. Its in about 12-15ft of water but 2 hours of searching today didn't find any trace of it. The sad thing is that I'd just got it going really well after 15 hours on the water in just a week. There is no substitute for time on the water. The guys at the club were fantastic and the offers of help are really positive. We will find it and get it back just not sure when. By the way what is the Fraktal like as a boat? Warm Regards Paul PS the good mast and sails were in my car
  18. Hi I've been sailing a Barry Chisam boat an ASBO mk1 which, in heavy winds, nosedived and probably blew in a deck patch and sank like a stone. There is a lesson there. I'm after a replacement boat and wondered what would be a similar boat. I've seen a Fraktal on sale on the classified section but don't know what they are like. All help welcome.
  19. My email is Paul@pabarton.com
  20. Give Barry Biddlecombe cedarstripco@icloud.com they are very good.
  21. If possible I'd leave the hull in the jig to fit the deck. The hull will twist a lot out of the jig.
  22. Ok should it be blocked at the bottom with tape?
  23. Hi Barry You might be pleased to know that I've just upgraded to an ASBO, the sea scamp is very nearly dead and leaks like a sieve, not sure of the hull number but very pleased so far. There is a small circular hole in the hull under the bow - not sure why. Any advice welcome.
  24. I'd just like to thank the members of the Cotswold Model Yacht Club who have made me so welcome and shown me the ropes. I'm a rank beginner but have just upgraded to an ASBO form my 30 years old Sea Scamp. Thank you everyone for being so helpful. By the way the turnout week by week at the sailing club ahs been growing and we regularly see over a dozen boats on the water each week and having some great sailing.
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