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Sealing deck fittings

Michael Thomas

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Hi All. I am a professional yacht and boat builder (the big stuff) and when we fit deck hardware everything is bedded onto a compound to keep it watertight.

I'm relatively new to radio sailing and currently refurbishing a Krcar IOM. I am now about to refit the deck equipment.

When I removed it there was some evidence of water ingress at some points and it was evident that nothing was sealed apart from the radio pot. Is this normal practice? The stuff we use on big boats is unsuitable for RC yachts so what if anything do you use?

Thanks Michael

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Well I think I have found the ideal solution to my question.

On big boats we often us a butyl rubber sealing compound which comes on a roll. This is far too thick and not pliable enough for model yachts.

However the alternative I have now used on the models is Blu tack. Rolled thinly it still compresses under the small deck fittings to give a watertight seal. A lot less messy than using silicon sealant and the excess that squeezes out can easily be removed by running your finger nail around the base of the fitting..

Worked for me anyway.


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