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  1. Great Derek Im sure you will enjoy, it is a great Lake , I actually cant be there a previous engagement that I cannot break has been made for me
  2. nice place to race great fish and chips just down the road and normally a nice clean wind
  3. Please note everybody the Tomlinson Trophy race meeting is on Saturday 26th June at Harwich and Dovercourt MBC briefing 0930 hrs
  4. Thanks for the info people, not sure why this has come up again after 5 years, now we need to make sure all our 6 metre owners are getting the COG communications if they want to, so if you are not getting the COg emails please let me know .
  5. that was painful watching and day 2 was just as bad, come on Ineos
  6. Patriot didnt look sorted to me , they looked very wary of the boat and were undercanvassed as well, not saying I wouldnt feel the same but after todays performance we need to watch Luna Rossa she looked great today
  7. got to agree with you about Shirley Robertson, she should be in the booth for at least half the time, her commentary yesterday was great and her on the water commentary is great
  8. I am agreeably suprised by the quality of the you tube presentation, never thought a foiler lowriding could produce excitement, also after the pre christmas racing Brittannia is finally racing, well done to the team who must have rebuilt the boat
  9. Hi All, I am just checking to see if all of the six metre owners in the UK have been receiving the emails via Mailchimp from the COG via myself, if you want to receive these emails( a few a year) and you are not at present receiving them please contact me directly with contact details (email and Telephone if possible) club yacht design and number, if you only have some details and not a yacht as yet please let me know and I will contact you directly. Hopefully we will be out on the water and racing sometime this year, keep cheerful (not easy) keep well (even harder) and see you all soon. Mike Ewart 6 metre Class Captain
  10. Mike Ewart

    FR Cerberus

    Hi Vinnie, Geoffs Cerberus goes very well
  11. I believe Ray Baker will mould you a Rennaisance hull, also there is someone down in Plymouth who has moulded a Rococo hull recently, contact John Kiff at the Dartmoor club
  12. I use liner gloves with Hand warmers when it's really cold, try Rohan
  13. I totally agree with Mark, the DF yachts are good yachts for one Design racing good to get people into the sport and apart from that they sail nicely, if we start down the comparison route then you need to consider what you are getting for your money
  14. The use of water with altered surface tension as standard practice when I worked in the sign industry and using the standard deck patch material one drop of fairy liquid in a spray bottle is about right.. If you are using the modern vinyl that they use for wrapping hen keep Dr and use a heat gun.
  15. Mike Ewart


    I sailed Geoff Raygadas Cerberus on its first outing ad was particularly impressed on how well she went to windard
  16. Mike Ewart


    I am certainly not one to move you away from the six metre for obvious reasons, in your situation I would go for a Rococo, easier to build than a Romanza and a popular and good all round design, I personally prefer the Ravenna but pundits do tend to prefer the Rococo
  17. Mike Ewart


    The Cerberus by Frank Russell is a nice middle of the road design there was one out at our club for its maiden voyage on Saturday I was impressed with its windward performanc, there are some other designs around, The Romanza from Sails etc, there are also designs from John Lewis book worth looking at. Where do you intend to sail,as the club you choose could alter the class you sail, there archaeology 3 displacement classes out there, the six metre, the A class and The 36 R class and you really need to be sailing the same class as your chosen club
  18. Looks nice but why didnt you make it measure as a six or an A the true test of any performance is in comparison to others by an approved measuring system
  19. Hi I am sure Oliver also did a 1 1/2 metre yacht not too many made but sailed nicely intended I think as a one design class
  20. Hi it is generally held that the longer , that is deeper , fin will give more fighting moment, most people reduce sail area as the wind strength increases
  21. I used a trim tab net frisky but I use spectrum and they have a 3 position switch, I tied fairs settings but the only one I found any good was At one 3 to 5 degrees
  22. Johns book does have some interesting designs with brief notes on why he went the way he did but, seriously the A is to me one of our most underrated classses, it does not need to be modern it can vary in weight from less than 10 kilos up to 19 or 20 kilos, and they certainly are so graceful on the water, there are some very pretty designs out there and when you consider the cost of a top one metre the A is a cheap boat, I am an ex International Canoe sailor and the A and the 6 ( my other love) are very similar.
  23. Richard, I would say that a removable fin and a tin box would be.my preferred route it makes it much easier to change things in the future, apart from my humble opinion GB nearly always used a fin box, imitation/flattery
  24. A litt!e aside John Lewis in s design book said Gabrielle 1000 sq in stoke for an A kind you designs then we're a fair bit heavier
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