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  1. At a guess a vintage 10 r it's too long for a 1.5 metre
  2. Any pictures or what design please
  3. If you do any 3d printing there are sets of stencils available on thingiverse
  4. totally agree with your thoughts especially on wasting MYA members money
  5. the midland district has on its committee the post of DSM, I was given to understand during the time of our previous tech Officer the role was proposed to be removed , but it hasnt happened here. I totally agree that OM need to be trained but trained by the MYA we are the ones who are sailing and running the classes not the RYA , but the system isnt yet broken just age covid and computerisation of the system has persuaded some of our measurers that its now not for them.
  6. the costs to the measurer or the MYA are mounting up and if you read the latest IOM rules there is a get out clause or so it seems to absolve measurers from all responsability, so why bother might be said, I am very much in agreement with Graham E about the situation unless it gets sorted out properly
  7. I think we need to be the masters of our own fate , the RYA is not the MYA they have very little interest in us and the additional expense that is involved in the original RYA requirements is an additional load on our membership, all our measurers being individual members of the RYA on top of the course expense we will have the yearly membership expenses, and as mentioned by Graham Elliot the sail measurement is the easy bit what about hull measurement are the RYA going to invent another course for that and force us to go on it?
  8. Mike Ewart

    6 Metre setup

    to cure the broaches most of the Chisum boats had a mast step at their base were the mast could be inclined more forward or aft this is all I do with mine but definitely to reduce the broach the centre of effort must move forward
  9. Mike Ewart

    6 Metre setup

    look carefully at your jib slot this is often the problem and look at your set up in respect of the others you are sailing against, in general on my Ravenna I have the main around one fingers width off the centre line the jib slot at 3 fingers and the mast vertical, this gives me a set up with slight weather helm which I like and seems to work for me. You do need to make careful adjustments and note down what works in what conditions, for example I move my mast to give a slight forward lean in stronger winds which helps stop or slow down the broaching, be very careful about use of the rudder it is the commonest cause of slow boats , using it to much in normal circumstances you should be able to tack with less than 10 degrees of rudder movement.
  10. to my mind the rudder tube would be part of the hull as it is moulded in not a fitting, but if you are worried about corrosion what is wrong with stainless steel it is a little bit heavier but on the majority of IOMs I measure it will just mean less corrector weights, Keep It Simple (KIS)
  11. the bendy kickers work quite well, there is also the option of changing the height of your other rigs bearing in mind the 60 to 100 mm maximums
  12. This as can be seen from the posts is an emotive issue, to cover a couple of what I consider useful points, yes we do need to ensure our measuring devices are accurate, this is relatively simple, use certified weights to check your scales, use grade 1 quality measuring devices that are marked as such, they do cost a little more than your standard rule but its only around 10% extra. and as far as our most popular class the IOM any measurer can quite easily make themselves a pair of measuring sticks as described in by our TO some time ago, which makes check measuring easier at an event. On a longer term basis the rules by which we measure our sails could be simplified and check measurement made much easier by our sailmakers marking two cardinal points on each sail the half height and quarter height these can then be checked easily at an event, without requiring derigging etc. I definitely agree that the MYA should be able to set the standards for its measurers without reference to the RYA, but the RYA also has some good materiel about measuring that should be required reading for measurers.
  13. yes I agree with that one Derek
  14. yes Derek but since they changed the rules to suit big boat sailors we have to live with the room and opportunity rubbish that stops the fast luff to frighten the life out of them
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