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  1. Hi Chris, Thanks for that information, Esther has been returned to her owner in France, I will pass on details to him. Alf
  2. There is a fundamental difference between the approach to Covid by the MYA and the ECCB, money! The MYA is a voluntary organisation, the ECCB represents a professional sport.
  3. I don't think this problem is caused by the rules, more by the cumudgenly attitude of a section of the competitors, i am sure if the rule book was reduced to one simple rule there would still be shouted augments at the pond side.
  4. Tried it on a Marblehead, in very light airs it worked too efficiently and the boat would suddenly sail backwards when the elastic was stronger than the wind
  5. Hi there Fastwave, Boat is not for sale, and has been renovated and returned to owner, but thanks for your reply. Alf
  6. I have been asked to restore (tittivate) an elderly A class vane boat prior to its reloction to France, it is basicaly dirty with a few damaged or missing fittings. Vane gear, spars and sails seem to be in fair condition, I am asking for some pointers as how to clean her up without doing any lasting damage. I would also like to know a little of her history, she has a name plate inscibed Esther and the sail number is K627. I am quite happy messing with radio Marbleheads, 10 raters etc but this a little different, any advice would be appreciated.
  7. Chelmsford Radio Y C sail on the training lake at Heybridge Basin on Sunday and Tuesday mornings , you would be most welcome to come along and have a go. We sail One Metres and are reasonably friendly.
  8. The shout from a port tack boat to "hold your course" is being used more and more,usually to browbeat the right of way boat. This along with the bickering at marks - always by the loudist voices- is certainly dampening my enthusiasm for the sport. although there are still some classes and events that are still sailed in a sporting manner.
  9. My two pence worth re. Carbon rigs, All else in the class is unrestricted so the rig material should be too. Alf
  10. I use a short length of silver foil fixed to a length of plastic tube(from a tin of WD40) attached to the top of the backstay. The foil lifts and flutters in the lightest of breezes and the reflective foil is much more visible than spinnaker cloth, total cost 0. Alf Reynolds
  11. Alf Reynolds

    R36 plans

    Hi, Good to see interest in the class, if you could Email me direct at areyn85733@aol.com I have some plans supplied be several different designers that I can send, they take up a lot of space so it would be several mailings. Alf Reynolds
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