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  1. At Lincoln Radio Sailing Club we carried out a risk assessment. The main points now in place:- Skippers have to book in. If we have more than 6 skippers we are lucky to have sufficient room to sail two separate groups of six, one on each bank. We now park 'nose to tail" and the area to the rear of your car is your area for rigging and refreshment. The club house is out of bounds except for the duty member of the day. The toilet has a spray positioned outside, handles and toilet area to be sprayed before and after use. We have a hand sanitizer station and other hand sanitizers on the picnic table (out of bounds for picnics). We have various "keep two metre distance" signs, and although we have very few members of the public around, we do have a sign to ask them to keep two metres apart. We also have spray to regularly spray the handrails which go down to the water. We have PPE equipment in the club with our First Aid kit. We have scrapped our summer racing programme, so it is informal racing, no results recorded . Launching /retrieving is one at a time. We are not using our starter gun, but a two minute countdown on a dictaphone. When moving around, we have a strict one way system with a row of cones down the middle. Last Sunday was our first week back, and we were all very aware of the rules, and always well spread out. We have not used the rescue boat. We make do with buoys where they are, and if we get a dead boat - well it will eventually drift to the bank. All in all it worked well and we are thankful to be safe and well and back at the lake.
  2. Lincoln Radio Sailing Club made a return to informal/social sailing on Sunday 7th June 2020, with measures in place to meet current Government Guidelines. I was curious to know how many other clubs have also returned? Take care everyone. Jen Hand
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