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  1. Hi All i am planning on Sailing my Venti in Spain on the Mar Menor. Being a beginner and only having sailed on freshwater, i am looking for advice on what precautions I should take before going to sea, also what process is best for removing any salt from the boat before it causes any damage.
  2. Hi all Can someone help me and explain the purpose of the jib boom counterweight. Reading much of the published literature on the IOM i can not find anything on this subject. I see some IOMs with the weight placed over the bows, other with it just against the jib boom. How do you make the correct setting? any suggestion welcome.
  3. Thanks for your answer. It should make for an interesting discussion on the shore.
  4. Shifty conditions, Two boats overlapped sailing to windward on Starboard tack about 0.25 metres apart. The leeward boat alters course sharply to windward and hits the windward boat. Should he give the windward boat time to keep clear?
  5. As additional questions on the same controller. 1) How can you set up to change the close hauled end point by operating a switch, I have heard that you can set a low mode, normal and high mode by altering this end point. 2) is it possible to set the rudder control to have the same amount but opposite offset for each tack plus a neutral position on a three way switch. This would allow a small amount of weather helm to be programmed in for upwind work plus neutral for downwind
  6. Prior to the start but after the 1 minute signal. On starboard tack approaching the bank ( no inner distance mark) Hailing for room to tack , the reply was you can not do that before the start. as i understand it rules of PART 2 operate in the racing area for boats that intend to race, are racing, or have been racing. Penalties arise only after the 1 minute signal. who is right.
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