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  1. Hi, does anyone know of a supplier for a program to download onto micro SD card for use on a Bluetooth Speaker. Thanks.
  2. Just an update from Gresford SC. We have been sailing now for about 6 weeks after the Welsh 5 mile restriction was lifted. We had a lot of help & advise from the RYA Wales staff who's very friendly attitude towards our minority Welsh sport being appreciated. We have managed social sailing without any problems & racing organised by Dave Bradley has been a welcome by all. We have standing/sitting area's marked out for us to socially distance in & up to 10 members have been able to race OK. Only problem has been our retrieval 'O' boat & the 72 hours quarantine rule. This we have managed to overcome with members cooperation & some planning. Now looking fwd to some lifting of clubhouse restrictions as it's sometimes been too hot to stand out in the sun all day or getting very wet. We hope to organise some form of get together with outside members some time soon.
  3. Thanks Darin, let's now all get on with the sailing & plan for the future.
  4. Hi again, we are only one of two Welsh clubs thus we come under the Welsh RYA jurisdiction. Once I contacted them it was made clear that they didn't really understand our needs. Despite this they made every attempt to help with as much as they could. It does seem we are a bit of a low priority in the RYA. We have had good support from our MYA district officers & again they can only act on what they can find out. I agree other sports do seem to have more government sympathy than us.
  5. Thanks Darin, I already have seen most of the advise & as a club we have implemented it. It's just the Welsh issue now made clearer since my first post. Hopefully we will have an amendment this weekend otherwise it will be just 2 of us at a time.
  6. Hi Larry, thanks for the info which confirms what I thought. I have just had a long conversation with the Welsh RYA who are still trying to clarify our situation. At present in Wales we can only have 2 households thus only 2 models in the water & in theory on site. They are querying what the difference is to say fishing or bowls. Hopefully this weekend some of the restrictions in Wales will be lifted. Thanks again.
  7. Hi, I sail at the Gresford Sailing Club Wrexham which we share with the dingy sailors. As we are only one of two clubs in Wales we have had to wait for travel restrictions of 5 miles to be lifted before we start again. I see other clubs are restricting the number of people to 6. Is this an agreed amount for Covid 19 restrictions as a sports gathering or what? I see many fishermen in organised clubs far exceeding this number. We have implemented all of the necessary guidelines & hope to start sailing next week. It's just the numbers of people we can book in seems to be a problem. Our risk assessment allows us to cope with 10 people. Any advise welcome.
  8. We at Gresford observed the social distance rule & sailed just before the lockdown. We found that we could space out OK & remain static whilst sailing in the races. The problems we found were using the clubhouse facilities, keeping a distance, using taps & tables etc. We did manage it but it was habit breakingly arkward. I can see that when we all resume it will be very difficult with travel, racing & restricting numbers. Let's hope we can overcome this & possibly start with just general sailing. Stay safe all.
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