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  1. Howard

    Alternative build

    Thank you very much Richard - there is some really helpful advice in your reply and I appreciate you taking the time to make it. I’d like to try cedar; other club members have used balsa also, and perhaps this is the best way to compare. I’m looking forward to the project! Howard
  2. Howard

    Alternative build

    I’m relatively new to the hobby, having raced at club level with an Isis and now a Lintel for about 3 years. My next project is building an ‘Alternative’, so this thread is obviously of interest. I notice some use cedar and others balsa planking; what are the pros and cons for each? Do both need finishing with fibreglass and is there a generally preferred plank thickness and width? I have built planked balsa and ‘glass hulls for mtb’s etc in my scale modelling days - usually 6mm x 3mm planks. Howard
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