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  1. Perhaps replace with new then. Its reusable, adaptable and will conform to whatever shape you need. Also make sure you key/scuff the outside of the new pot before sealing it in to allow the sealant to bite into it. Sounds obvious, but i found my one had been previously installed as a lovely shiny new pot. Subsequently the adhesive didnt stick for long. Another good tip is to screw it to the hull from inside, as this helps provide additional supprt to cope with the torque of regularly tightening the pot lid.
  2. Personally I’d put all the holes as high as you can. Therefore if water should get into the hull, and it will, your radio gear stays as dry as possible for as long as possible. My wired are sealed with a small amount BluTack. It can be removed and reinstalled as much as I want, and still does the job.
  3. frayz

    Show us your IOM

    That looks superb. Loving the bare wood finish and very cool on the colour placement. I just got bored with the plain white that’s all.
  4. frayz

    Show us your IOM

    Im new to radio sailing and only been doing it a month or so now, however im really enjoying it. Not sure this has been done before but there are so many beautiful and unique IOMs out there, get some photos up to display yours. I've a plain white Italiko at the moment, but looking for some inspiartion on colours and designs. What are you sailing? Edit: made some designs and tried out some vinyl.
  5. Having just detonated a self tensioning drum, I have to say I have moved over to a standard drum with a separate block/spring arrangement to add tension. to the winch line. The self tensioning drums are very clean and convenient, however are a known failure point in the system. I'm sure many people have had great success with them, just offering another view.
  6. Cheers Alf. Popped down this morning but typically rhis weekend was cancelled due to the lake being used by full size yachts. Hope to pop down next weekend if I can. Now to read about IOMs
  7. Thanks guys, great info. I think my local guys sail at Heybridge Basin which is walking distance from me. I’ll have to pop down.
  8. Evening all, I've been into RC racing for many years and in numerous forms, mostly 1/10 touring car and 1/8 buggy. However im now 35 and living right near the water, in Essex. I happened to see a few senior chaps at my local Prom running RC yachts and thought how nice it looked. Im also a keen kite flyer, so the appeal of combining 2 of my interests, this wind powered RC stuff seems right up my street. I also like how technical it is, not to mention how much cheaper it is than other forms of RC racing, especially when you look at the DF series of boats. So as i mention the DF series, mostly the DF65. What do i need to get started, any do's/donts for a beginner? Which batteries are you guys finidng best? Am i okay with a single rig to begin with? New boat or SH? I like teh idea of building up a new one as it gets you familair with the model. Anything else i need to know? Thanks for your time - Frayz.
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