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  1. Your Class Captain needs your help. We are in the process of establishing a MYA IRSA10R Class Owners Group (I know it seems a mouthful but that is the correct formal title) 10R COG for short. The group will comprise of Current MYA members who own a 10R (including a Dual rated Marblehead) which has a current valid Certificate registered in their name. I have identified a number of you by comparing the Member database with the Certification Control Registration database and where I had your current e-mail you will have had a direct e-mail from me. (Some of you have even replied!) I know my records are not comprehensive and there particularly where people have not reregistered boats on change of ownership or have not updated the 10R registration when becoming the owner of a dual rated Marblehead. If you haven’t sailed your 10R for a while dust it off and sail it again or think about passing it on to someone who will. So, if you own a 10R, I am asking you to contact me. Complete the questionnaire attached below and send it to me, preferably by e-mail. (It can be completed electronically). COG Questionnaire.docx Also check your documents as Registrar I am ready and waiting to re-register your 10R in your name. If you need to register your boat see the attached notes. 10R Certification notes (2).pdf Richard Uttley Class Captain & Registrar richard.uttley2@btinternet.com
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