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  1. I believe I am correct in saying that in the MYA handbook, it states, that having right of way, does NOT give you an entitlement to collide with another boat, which Jerry very kindly pointed out. Even when on a starboard tack, with an inevitable contact with a port tacker, I will take evasive action to avoid any contact if possible. As Jerry says, a protest, followed by a gentlemanly discussion afterwards is always preferable in my book. Also you say “If there is no contact, there is no foul” I totally disagree, as if someone on starboard tack has to take avoiding action on a port tacker, then a call of “protest” can be given despite there being no contact, as it may well have had a negative result to the persons race. I feel I wont be the only one to disagree with you on these points. Melissa
  2. I couldn’t have put it more succinctly Jerry. Thank you for your input. Melissa
  3. Hi Ian, totally agree with you on all points.
  4. You are correct, being onboard instead of on bank, is certainly easier to judge , however, I think my point is that far too often, risky manoeuvres and last second decisions are made, in my opinion, which far too often causes a collision between boats.
  5. Having watched many IOM sailing events from all over the globe on you tube, and competed in some events here in the UK, it is becoming apparent that the standard of sailing isn’t anywhere near as good as it ought to be. If these were the real thing, then I’m sure many of those skippers responsible wouldn’t risk getting into a collision scenario due to damage and personal injury, however it does seem that because it’s a model boat they are happy to risk damage to a boat, and completely wrecking someone’s race by their actions, or in many cases inaction. This is meant to be fun, and genuine mistakes will happen,but at the same time, these boats are pretty expensive, so concentrate and make sure you are not the one taking risks with someone else’s pride and joy the next time you sail. Melissa Raine
  6. Hi Mike, just to say numbers removed with your advice, and successfully, so thanks for your help. Melissa
  7. Hi, I’ve recently got new sail numbers, and need to remove old numbers from my C rig. Does anyone have any experience in taking off adhesive sail numbers, and how best to do this. Any advice would be helpful, as I would prefer not to have to buy a new C rig. Thanks Melissa
  8. Hi Ericka Thanks for your reply, I'm sure your right, re axe lol, those guys are amazing. It would be interesting though, if they were sailing a different design, whether that yacht would then become the yacht of the day which everyone wanted. It all seems a little fickle, and trying to emulate these top skippers, without the ability to do so. Hence why I learn more every week, re trim, and tactical understanding of this wonderful sport. Thanks again for your reply. Melissa
  9. Hi, I'm a newbie here, And after sailing a 10 rater some 30+ years ago, I'm now sailing a Cheinz IOM,which I think is a lovely yacht, and even though it's been a long time since I sailed, I am very competitive at my club. My point for this post is, BG and PS sail the britpop, and are obviously having huge success with doing so. Therefore the britpop has become the boat of the day, with a lot of skippers wanting one. But their results are no better than that of other makes, so if BG etc, were to be sailing let's say a Cheinz would he be as successful? as he is obviously a fantastic tactician, or is the BP, sooooo much better than any other design out there? I know that this could be very subjective, but it would be interesting to know your thoughts. Thanks, and just to say I'm loving being part of all of rc yachting again. Melissa
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