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  1. As I said, I am not a top skipper. Mark Dicks I am sure is a far better skipper than me. I have to say that when I swap boats with my local club BP owner my wedge is faster than his BP. Much to his delight!!
  2. I have one. I only race it at club level and am relatively inexperienced. I am therefore not best placed to give you an expert appraisal. What I am told is that it will not compete at the top level. In light winds I struggle, especially against the BP. But that maybe my 1 sails / rigs. With the 2 and 3 I do much better. It is beautifully built, by ARS composites. They are good at communicating with buyers and it was not too much trouble importing. They also build Tara, and a new one KMR ? £200/300 for 2 rigs seems optimistic. I have RMG winch so a bit more money there. Do I wish I had waited for a BP? Yes and no! If it sank tomorrow would I buy another? No, I would probably look at sedici, manta or kmr.
  3. Update. I contacted Richard recently and he is no longer making rig boxes. andy
  4. Does anybody have a spreadsheet / know of a downloadable spreadsheet that i could use to put our club scores up on our club website. many thanks, andy harrold Huntingdon MYC
  5. andyharrold


    Don't worry. There is PLENTY of room!
  6. andyharrold


    Thank you to everyone that replied. I have now placed my order.
  7. andyharrold


    I am considering buying a WEDGE IOM from ARS. I would be interested to hear from anyone, but especially UK buyers about your experiences so far. Cheers, andy. PM or andyharrold5@gmail.com
  8. Many thanks John. That looks really good. Andy.
  9. I knew it would be there somewhere. Many thanks, andy
  10. As a newbie I am finding it hard to locate a good webpage for the "Basic Rules of Racing". Does anyone know where there is such info? I can find lots of nitty gritty, interpretations of that nitty gritty, boat specifications etc. What I am after is more to do with the rules of the sea/lake, rights of way, start line protocol, penalty turns etc. Maybe there should be a link to such info in the new to the sport section of the home page. A webpage on technique would also be useful. The experienced guys are flying past!! regards, andy h
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